Air Fryer Wattage: Why Is It Important?

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Air frying has become a familiar name in the household for many cooking enthusiasts. Slowly but surely it is taking over years old cooking methods such as deep-frying, steaming, stir fry, many other techniques. Being an electric appliance, the air fryer wattage has become an important topic to discuss.

How Air Fryer Is Changing Our Lives?

Most of the people are leaning towards air frying mainly for one prime reason which is to avoid using extra oil, butter, ghee for frying.

Air fried foods are comparatively healthier, lower in calories, fat, most importantly does not contain damaging components often found in deep frying.

Air fryers resemble much to an oven where food gets cooked using hot air. The hot air circulates near the food and radiates heat that ultimately prepares and cooks the dish.

Since the air frying method is gaining a name in the industry, air fryer wattage plays a significant role.

Moreover, different food items require different wattage hence you must give keen attention to the wattage difference and system.

That’s why today we have come up with another query on various air fryer wattage, their influence over foods, benefits, results. So without any further delay, we can start with it!

Air Fryer Wattage

Things You Need To Know Before Learning About Air Fryer Wattage Specification

Air Fryer Wattage specification depends largely frying and can affect your cooking drastically if not determined properly.

The classification varies from food to food perhaps meat, frozen foods, chicken, mutton, any protein will need high watt whereas vegetables, potatoes, the omelette will require low watt.

Maybe best of all, air fryers can bake too.

List Of Air Fryers Based On Their Watt Specifications

800-900 Watts

  • This amount of watt is suitable for the regular fry of vegetables, carrots, broccoli, omelette case, low watt makes the food moist and easy to radiate heat.

900-1000 Watts

  • You can easily make French fries, cheese sticks with this range of power. Slow and steady low heat cooking enables to fry your favourite munchies; frozen foods, nuggets, many more.

1000-1200 Watts

  • Protein-enriched foods require high watt to cook the meat. Health-conscious individuals can fry chicken strips with no oil, you can try preparing beef both fried and grilled. It is essential that your kitchen supports outlets for the wattage system. Usually,1000 watts is enough for daily use.

1200-1300 Watts

  • It is possible to reach a high- temperature quick and re-heat if needed with this much power. You can effortlessly roast nuts, almonds, cashews, peas, seeds. It makes it very convenient to sear your favourite dish and not burn it.

1400-1500 Watts

  • One of the best things about an air fryer is that baking is possible with minimum hassle and no fear of making a mess. Bake mouth-watering muffins, cakes, bread, lasagna, custard, enjoy with your family over the weekend.
Air Fryer Wattage

Why Is An Air Fryer Such A Win In Recent Times?

Easy Cleaning

Every part is washable and can disassemble comfortably. As there is no oil mess makes it dishwasher safe.

Lesser Calorie Intake

No use of extra grease to make the food tasty. Moreover helps you to relish your yummy dishes without compromising the taste. Perhaps you can maintain your health.

Advanced Cooling System

The cooling and exhaust system cools down the machine timely. There is no chance for the kitchen appliance to get overheated and the explosion accidents are nearly zero.

Safe Use

We all know how much of a great deal it is too deep fry foods and also there is the possibility of burning oil, popping unnecessarily. The air fryer makes the whole process much easier and safer.

No Chance Of Uneven Cooking

While deep frying there is always room for burning and overcooking food items. The equal distribution of heating is not completed. But in the case of air frying, you can cook your favorite food items evenly and thoroughly.

Economical And Handy

It is super comfortable to use and you can also multitask besides frying your chips. Comes with a timer and provides the best outcomes. Very handy in functioning.

Ensures A Healthy Diet

Those who want to start eating healthy or someone who wants to start a new diet, bring one air fryer at home right away because that’s a good start. Anyone with a busy life deserves this help.

Saves Your Valuable Time

In this fast pace of life, everyone keeps rushing against time and wants something instant and worthwhile. An air fryer is a perfect match for that. Preserves your time and offers great results.

Although we have learned not only about different watt classifications of an air fryer but also how air fryer is gradually becoming an integral part of our life apart from that like every other electronic machine there are some pros and cons of an air fryer.

Both high watt and low watt consists of varieties of merits and demerits.

Pros & Cons Of High Watt

Fast cooking is one of the biggest pros of high watt but then again there is a concern in burning food. High watt cooks the item deeply from inside. In addition, the overpowering smell of deep-fried is eliminated.

Sometimes when it gets overcrowded inside the basket, food substances tend to get stuck due to excess heat and ruins it.

Pros & Cons Of Low Watt

Time is a huge factor here since low watt enables the cooking process to be time-consuming. The taste of the dish may differ as well but evenly cooking of the compounds is confirmed here.

Nevertheless, there could be chances of veggies being raw from the inside despite the even division of heat. You cannot cook any liquid batter in the basket and it might cause an uncalled mess in the interior.

Air Fryer Wattage

Price Differs For Air Fryer Wattage Specifications

So far we have realized that an air fryer is proving to be a much useful and reliable source for cooking. However, the prices of air fryers are distinguished based upon the performance skills and techniques, that the fryer has to offer.

The price range is determined depending on numerous factors such as usage of technology, efficiency, watt categorization, expertise, other qualities. One good piece of air fryer can cost from $70 and up to $300-400.


Within this price range, you can easily purchase an air fryer for regular use. You can make French fries, frozen peas, cheese sticks instantly.


An advantage of this price range is that you can alter high watt and low watt whenever needed. More effective and efficient than a $70 air fryer. These are modern and you can see, the application of recent designs. Chicken, beef, samosa, garlic bread, oatmeal can generally be prepared.


This is the ultimate air fryer which is beneficial for doing multiple tasks and for being simple cleaning process enriched.

You can air fry your favourite snacks within a short time and serve hot. Advanced technology is used here hence the price is much high. You can choose from various traditional or digital models.

Now that you have gained enough knowledge and understanding about air fryers and their watt and price specifications, we will suggest not to waste any more time and bring your most preferred air fryer to make the best out of it.

Enjoy your favorite dishes in air fried form and finally quit worrying about health.

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3 Responses

  1. It’s true that an air fryer of higher wattage specification heats faster than a low watt air fryer, but the required wattage to maintain the internal temperature definitely depends on the size of the air fryer. A 1200W air fryer is pretty enough for a small to medium air fryer, such as a 1.2 to 2.6 qt air fryer, but it can’t produce enough heat when you load your 4-6 qt air fryer to its full capacity (There is a 12.7 qt air fryer model too, the GoWise air fryer, which has a wattage specification of 1700W). However, there is no 1800W air fryer available in the US. Because the voltage of our home powers only supports electric devices up to 1800W, hence you may end up tripping your circuit breaker by attempting to use a 1800W air fryer. So, make sure that your air fryer size corresponds with its wattage specification, otherwise, it’ll be of no use. Thanks for reading our post.

    1. Well, it depends on your power connection, you definitely can’t use two 1500 air fryers simultaneously from a single circuit. It would be wise to use only one at once to prevent tripping the circuit breaker. I’m not sure what you’re trying to mean by two sides, if your mobile home has two separate power connections, I guess you can use each connection to run each air fryer. Thank you for commenting.

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