What Size Paper Filters Does Gevi Coffee Maker Use

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A coffee maker is an ideal companion in our everyday life. A refreshing cup of coffee is all you wish to start a new day. But a coffee drinker has to keep in mind plenty of things while preparing it. Using the right filter type is one of these main concerns. Some prefer permanent filters whereas others want paper filters. 

You might be wondering what size paper filters does Gevi coffee maker use. From our knowledge, we can say it entirely depends on the coffee machine model. Mostly, Gevi coffee makers don’t need any paper filters. For your understanding, let’s have a walk through the discussion on what size of paper filter Gevi coffee maker uses.

What is Paper Filter

Paper filters are one type of coffee brewing utensils. Mainly, they allow the liquid coffee to go through by trapping the coffee grounds. They remove oil ingredients that are available in unfiltered coffee. Compared to other filters, paper filters are much finer. So they produce delicious coffee, both in flavor and appearance. 

What Size Of Paper Filters To Use

You are in doubt regarding the proper paper filter size to use in which type of coffee maker of Gevi, right? For your information, most of the Gevi coffee makers don’t require paper filters at all. But if you want to use one, have a look at the instruction manual. The coffee maker will surely provide some instructions to have the best coffee experience. 

The bucket filters come in different cup sizes from 8-12 whereas conical ones have compact size of 1,2,4 or 7. The following list shows the proper use of paper filters with different sizes:

  • One-cup coffee makers (both electric/ non-electric) : Size 1
  • 2 to 6 cup coffee makers (electric) and 1-2 cup coffee makers (non-electric) : Size 2
  • 8-12 cup coffee makers (electric) and 8-10 cup coffee makers (non-electric) : Size 4
  • 10+ cup coffee makers (both electric/ non-electric) : Size 6

Why Using A Paper Filter

You might be thinking, is it really necessary to use a coffee filter? Well, this is not mandatory. But certainly, there are a variety of reasons why many people use paper filters. We are going to look at some of them:

Coffee Ground Filtration

First of all, a paper filter can filter out the coffee ground remnants efficiently. It can be troublesome if you find a hefty amount of grains while taking the last sip of your coffee. Also, poured coffee moves nicely through the filter because of being permeable. And, it reaches your cup or mug easily. So when you use a paper filter initially, you can get that extra advantage. 

Highly Disposable

Paper filters are disposable. So once you use them, you can’t use it twice since it becomes ineffective after getting soaked once. That ensures you don’t have to clean it after every use. As a result, you get a cup of fresh coffee every time.


Using paper filters is very economical. It is true that you require one filter per brew. However, you have to buy a package of paper filters to discard the coffee grounds. You need to throw away the filter with the grounds into the trash after brewing each time. Even if it is not any reusable filter, in the long run, it is cost-effective.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Paper Filter

Filter Type

An important fact that people remember while using paper filters is its type. The white (bleached) and the brown (unbleached) ones are widely popular among coffee lovers. 

The preparation of bleached filters follows a chlorine process which is somehow harmful to the environment. In contrast, unbleached filter production takes place via the oxygen process. Regarding both the environmental impact and the natural brown color, we recommend using an unbleached paper filter. 

Filter Shape

Coffee paper filters come in different shapes, like conical, basket, or disk to use in Gevi coffee maker. Conical filters are favorite among many coffee lovers. Some of them have standard cone shapes whereas others have round openings.

Basket filters are also familiar to many for their cupcake liners with folds around the sides. Lastly, the disk filters are smaller in size than the previous ones. That means these paper filters don’t follow any specific sizing to filter liquid coffee. Now, which one should you choose? 

Disk filters are a bit expensive as compared to the others. On the other hand, basket filters are relatively fine to use. But they come with wide, flat bottoms. So uneven extraction may take place during the filtering process. 

Now coming to cone filters, many like them as they provide quality ground saturation. Also, they allow the hot water to go through more effectively. So you get a cup of flavorful coffee to simply blow your mind.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Using Paper Filters

  • Make sure to choose the right size and shape of a paper filter 
  • Don’t forget to use the foldable side section of the paper if it is available.
  • Don’t use a paper filter twice to remove the coffee grounds.
  • Always perform regular cleaning of the paper filter with care.
  • Dump the rinsing water before the brewing process for ease of cleaning. 

Are Paper Filters Safe

Some coffee lovers are hesitant about the safety of paper filters. Yes, they are totally safe. Paper filters are biodegradable and disposable at the same time. That means they are safe for the environment. Also, when you use a paper filter, cleaning your filter machine becomes easier than before. 

Paper filters are beneficial for health as well. Coffee grounds release a type of oil known as “diterpenes.” This type of oil can block the receptor in your intestines. So you might fail to control your cholesterol level. Paper filters always absorb it while allowing the liquid coffee to reach the cup. So the process of using paper filters is good for health. 

Also, Some people prefer to use nylon or metal filters. However, they cannot fully remove the coffee grains from your coffee. So we always suggest using paper filters to get a cup of refreshing coffee.

Final Words

So that’s all from us today. Hopefully, now you have some ideas on what size paper filters does Gevi coffee maker use. Just to keep it simple and full of flavor, carefully choose the right paper filter to make your coffee in minutes. After all, we hope now you have a cup of hot coffee every morning to remove your laziness. Happy coffee day!

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