What Juice goes with Tequila: Real Taste of a Cocktail

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A refreshing drink is something you would love to taste for fun. Undoubtedly, Tequila can be one of the best choices to go with for extreme delight. The agave flavor in the tequila contains an earthy element to refresh your mind. And, you can’t enjoy this flavor in any other distilled spirit for sure.

But how about mixing a savory juice with it to make the drink even more tasty? Yes, you got it right. The combination of Tequila with different types of juices is simply fascinating to explore. To have a variety of flavors in your Tequila, here are some tips about what juice goes with Tequila.

Lime with Tequila
Grapefruit Juice goes with tequila

What Juice goes with Tequila

Lime Juice

The combination of Tequila and Lime Juice is sublime indeed. Once you add a squeeze of Lime Juice in your Tequila, it turns into a smooth and sweet drink. The citrus inherent in the Lime Juice turns the whole drink into a captivating one. For a sour flavor, you can add a pinch of salt in it. On top of that, adding one or two ice cubes will act like a cherry on the cake.

Any ratio of both ingredients will perfectly make the drink. But one part Tequila to three parts Lime Juice will create a perfect combo to give you the real taste of a cocktail.


Paloma is another iconic cocktail in the world of Tequila. It is the mixture of Grapefruit juice and Tequila to create a bitter and tart taste in the drink of your glass. Moreover, you can even add some club soda to enhance the flavor of the cocktail. To get a garnish taste, we highly recommend using lime by squeezing it into the drink.

The choice of tequila type can be any of Blanco or Reposado for mixing with grapefruit juice. If you prefer a light and crisp drink, simply choose blanco tequila. On the other hand, reposado is an ideal pick when you want a richer and more decadent drink.

Club Soda goes with tequila
Orange Juice goes with tequila
Pineapple Juice goes with tequila

Club Soda

Club soda can be another classic addition to Tequila for making the whole drink full of sweetness. It comes with a high mineral content that makes the Tequila shine with a vegetal flavor.

Plenty of club soda types are available to use in the cocktail. However, we suggest going with the Jarritos Mineragua since it is pretty fizzy. Otherwise, you can consider Topo Chico for having a balanced amount of minerals. To have some extra acidity on the drink, a spritz of lime will perfectly work.

Orange Juice

Tequila with the addition of orange juice is more than enough to influence a party to keep going. You can either pick bottled orange juice or a freshly squeezed orange. But no matter what it is, Tequila with this variety will always come out as a refreshing cocktail. Don’t forget to whip some air into the mixture while using fresh orange juice. It will make the cocktail a lot more creamy.

The tart citrus flavor in the mixture can be slightly sour. So it is always better to add some grenadine to bring some fruity sweetness in the drink for a mouthwatering feeling.


Pineapple juice with Tequila is simply alluring. Their mixture works so nice that the cocktail will never run out of a savory flavor. In fact, the cocktail tastes vegetal and tropical at the same time. Regardless of what type of Tequila you use, the cocktail will turn out as a highly refreshing one.

Both fresh pineapple and canned juice are viable to add to Tequila. With some seltzer on it, you can get a more sweet flavor in the drink.

Agave Syrup

Tequila and Agave Syrup are made for each other. You get the real taste of a traditional Tequila cocktail by adding Agave flavor. Prepare the agave syrup mixture with two parts of Agava and one part of water. Then, the mixture is fine to add with Tequila to serve up in the party.

Now the question is which Tequila flavor is the ideal one to mix with the syrup? We prefer to use either Anejo or Reposado to enhance the depth and richness of the cocktail.


The cocktail of Tequila and Vermouth is truly fun to explore. You can get a variety of mixtures by adding these two drinks to enjoy something extraordinary. Moreover, if you wish to have a dry cocktail, nothing can simply beat the tequila-vermouth combination.

To have a fascinating flavor in the mixture, pair the blanco tequila with the semi-sweet vermouth. For a spicier taste, you better mix reposado or anejo with sweet vermouth.

Tomato Juice

The combination of tequila and Tomato juice creates an outstanding Tequila cocktail to taste for sure. Tequila’s smoothness and Tomato’s natural acidity make sure you are going to have a savory drink.

Take a glass and fill it up with two parts Tomato juice and one part Tequila. Also, the inclusion of Tabasco sauce will bring spiciness in the mixture. In case Tabasco is not available, you can continue with Worcestershire and a dash of pepper.

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Bloody Marie Mix

The cocktail of Bloody Mary with Vodka is unreal. But how about substituting Tequila for Vodka? Undoubtedly, adding Tequila to Bloody Mary can take your drink to a whole new level. To increase the taste of the drink, you can consider a wide range of add-ons.

Jalapeno is one of them which can certainly add a spicy flavored spirit to the drink. Tomato juice can be another excellent addition to customize your cocktail. In fact, the agave flavor of Tequila will eventually make an exciting brunch cocktail to serve everyone at a party.


Jalapeno itself can be an ideal ingredient to mix with a Tequila drink. The combination offers abundant sweetness with a pleasant feeling of vegetal flavor. Make sure to muddle some sugar and lime slices with the jalapeno pepper slice.

Then add blanco tequila to the mixture in a glass. Stir for 30 seconds until the drink fully gets chilled. For a refreshing look, top with 2 or 3 pieces of ice cubes. Now your cocktail is ready to taste.

Final Words

So these are our suggestions regarding what juice goes with Tequila to generate a delectable Tequila cocktail for your own contentment. Apart from these, you can also add other add-ons like Grapefruit Soda, Margarita, Mint, Ginger, Cherry Juice, Pomegranate Juice, Citrus Juice in your drink. What is going to be your type of mixer to make your Tequila drink far more delicate? Choice is yours!

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