Vitamix 7500 vs 5200 Comparison: Which One To Buy?

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Vitamix is often considered as the king of blenders and people are pretty much obsessed with it. Despite having an expensive price range, Vitamix has successfully managed to capture the market with its incredible performance and features.

Some particular models like Vitamix 5200 or Vitamix 7500 are so popular that people are often confused to choose between them. Well, put an end to the confusion, because we are doing the ultimate comparison between vitamix 7500 vs 5200.

In this post we are going to discuss the differences between these two blenders considering their specifications, features, performance, and prices to help you choose the better product.

Both products are famous for delivering some extraordinary performance, so we will consider some other aspects like prices and drawbacks too.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the battle—

Vitamix 7500 Vs 5200: The Ultimate Battle

The Vitamix 5200 & Vitamix 7500 come from two completely different series of Vitamix blender, the former one hails from the legacy series where the latter comes from the classic series.

Although both have quite a lot of common features, both of them offer different designs and facilities for different purposes.

Anyways, let’s check out the comparison—


While unpacking both of them, the first thing we noticed about these was their design. They have an almost similar motor base design with a differently designed container. The shape of their containers has some major differences, which, in our opinion were a game changer.

The Container

Vitamix 5200 has a tall and slender container shape, which gives it a major advantage of blending even the smallest amount of food since it can easily reach the blade. On the other hand, Vitamix 7500 has a more shorter and wider container, which was actually superb for delivering more even blending results.

A wider container actually gives you more advantage by giving an amazing performance as a food processor too. Despite having different shapes, both containers have a similar capacity, 64 oz capacity in both containers.

Despite having a 64 oz capacity on both containers, you can’t blend 64 oz liquid at once. You can blend 48 ounce liquids on both blenders, filling 3/4th of the container. Both of the containers are made of BPA free plastic material, making it completely safe for your health.

Another notable difference between the containers is their lids. The Vitamix 5200 has a smaller lid with a lid plug, which makes it easier to add ingredients while blending. You can easily open the lid plug by rotating it and close it by rotating it in the opposite direction.

The Vitamix 5200 has a proper lid seal to prevent spilling the liquid out of the container, which seems quite convenient and useful.

On the other hand, Vitamix 7500 has a properly sealed large blender lid with a lid plug. The blender lid is pretty easy to open and close, even though it ensures a complete seal.

Its lid plug is quite different too. Overall, both of them are quite impressive, although we are finding the 7500 container more useful.

The Blade

The blade size of these two blenders are quite different since the shape of their container are different. Vitamix 5200 blender has a stainless steel 3 inch hammermill blade which has the sharpest edge as it’s laser-cut.

On the contrary, Vitamix 7500 blender has a similar laser-cut, stainless steel hammermill blade, but this time, it has a 4 inch diameter. Both of the blades are excellent at their function and stays sharp for years.

The Motor Base

Despite having some major differences in the containers, the motor bases of these two blenders have pretty similar designs. Both of the motor bases are designed with the simplest buttons, having the pulse button, speed dial, and on/off button.

They have a similar 6 feet cord, which is long enough to reach the socket from your countertop. Both of them have a thermal protection system & radial cooling fan feature to prevent overheating, making them a long lasting product for home usage.

The best part about both motor bases is their straightforward buttons, even a kid can operate this blender quite effortlessly. They have physical buttons, which are more convenient to use than the touch buttons.

Overall, the motor base design seems pretty functional and useful, and both blenders are the winner in this round.


The performance is where the real game of Vitamix 7500 vs 5200 begins. These two have slightly similar designs but their performance is quite different. Not that their performance is not up to the mark, these two blenders are undoubtedly the bests in the market.

Each of them shines in different aspects, and that’s what we are going to discuss about.

So let’s get into the comparison—


We all know that the motor power is the very first thing to consider while checking the performance of any strong blender. Just like any other Vitamix products, we can expect these two to have strong motors too. And we can tell we are not disappointed at all.

The Vitamix 7500 blender has a strong motor with up to 2.2 hp power which is super impressive as a blender. Vitamix 5200 has a powerful blender too, but it slightly hangs back having a less powered motor than the 7500.

It has a 2 hp motor, which is still very impressive compared to other blenders in the market. If you want your blender to back up the blades with the strongest motor ever, Vitamix 7500 will definitely be your choice.

Although, only a 0.2 hp difference isn’t that big deal since both of them actually gives out a neck to neck performance. But if you’re skeptical about the blender motor power, you may consider buying the 7500 model.

Pulse Feature

Another important point to consider about the performance is its pulse feature. The 7500 model has a pulse option to let you have precise control over the texture of your food. But the Vitamix 5200 model does not have a pulse feature, which may seem inconvenient for those who are comfortable with a pulse feature.

Instead of a pulse button, the 5200 has a high speed button with which you can instantly reach the highest speed to blend your food. But still, not having the pulse feature is a major drawback for the Vitamix 5200.

The Vitamix 7500 is quite a charmer with its pulse option, because we found it easy to operate. Its toggle button makes it so much effortless to pulse and blend your food and maintain its texture. So, the Vitamix 7500 again gets ahead at this feature.


Another similar feature both of the blenders have is their speed feature. Both Vitamix 5200 and 7500 happen to have 10 speed options with a clockwise knob toggle switch, that is easy to operate. You don’t have to gradually turn up the speed, just put the toggle in your preferred speed position and turn on the switch.

This speed feature comes handy while making your favorite smoothie, the higher speed your blender has, the finer your ice will crush. In this case, both blenders have the capability to run on the highest speed.

Although, we noticed that the Vitamix 7500 was slightly quicker than the other one since it has a stronger motor. That doesn’t make Vitamix 5200 any less than a beast. Its highest speed is still better than some of the best blenders in the market.

Another great feature about the speed dial is you can control the speed at any point in blending your food. That actually gives you more control over the texture of your food.

Another plus point of their high speed feature is warming up foods like soup or stew. These two blenders are so fast that it heats up the food inside if you run it for a few minutes.

If you are a fan of canned soups, this is the time to utilize your blender to enjoy delicious hot soups just in five minutes.

Wondering how the blender heats up food? Well the mechanism is pretty simple. Its high speed creates some friction heat within the container. This heat makes the food hot within the container, so you can easily enjoy your foods steaming hot even if it was frozen cold.

Our verdict about the speed feature is both of them are the winner since we couldn’t find any notable difference between the results. Both of them were excellent and we highly recommend both of these products if you’re a speed fanatic.


Noise is another important topic to discuss since Vitamix is quite notorious for being noisy. Since most of its models have a strong motor, they tend to produce a lot of noise while running.

Being an older version, Vitamix 5200 is no different, it is averagely noisy just like any other blender. Although we didn’t find the noise to be too much annoying. Sometimes appliance noises seem to put life in any kitchen and some people actually enjoy it.

Vitamix 7500 seems to have an improvised noise feature than the former one, the machine is less noisy than any usual Vitamix blenders.

It may have some smart technology that reduces the noise, but having less noise even though having a stronger motor than the 5200 model certainly sounds impressive. Probably its motor base has some mechanism that avoids the friction, contributing to making it less noisy.

So considering the noise, the Vitamix 7500 is a clear winner for this aspect. Although we didn’t find the 5200 model to be that much noisy, it still produces way less noise than a washing machine or a dishwasher. You can buy it if you enjoy the noises and screeches in your everyday kitchen.


The last thing to discuss the feature comparison is its cleaning facility. Both of them have a self cleaning feature that makes them incredibly easy to use. Also, you can clean the containers in your dishwasher since both of them are dishwasher safe.

It has a BPA free material that definitely is compatible with any dishwasher. So you shouldn’t worry about that.

Comparing all the features and specifications, the Vitamix 7500 is a clear winner between these two. Although the design and feature aren’t the very last thing to consider, you have to consider other aspects like price, warranty, etc to make the final choice.

Warranty Facilities

Vitamix offers a 7 year warranty on most of its products and these two models are no different. We should definitely look for a warranty for our blenders because blenders tend to dysfunction quite frequently.

It’s surprising but true that you have to run your blender carefully to avoid damaging it. Running the unit for a long time destroys the appliance and that’s when the warranty comes in use.

Both of these products come with a standard 7 years warranty by default. But you can extend the warranty for 3 more years just by paying 75 dollars more. That way you will be able to get a whopping 10 years of tension free life with your blender.

Although this warranty is not a replacement warranty, Vitamix will fix your unit with all the necessary parts with no shipping cost at all. So you can easily avail the warranty with no hassle, and we think that’s the best part of buying a Vitamix Blender.

Price Range

The very last thing to consider of this Vitamix 7500 vs 5200 battle is obviously the price. Both of them are definitely on the expensive side. We all know Vitamix blenders cost way more than any other brands, for example, you can find a great quality Ninja blender under 100 dollars. But the performance is where Vitamix proves itself.

About these two, the Vitamix 5200 model will cost you 450 dollars where the Vitamix 7500 model will cost you 530 dollars with a standard warranty package. You can add an extra 3 years of warranty by adding only 75 dollars, so that you can avail a total 10 years of warranty.

Vitamix 7500 costs 80 dollars more than the 5200 model. So it gets pretty tough choosing one over another. Vitamix 7500 definitely has more advantage by having a stronger motor, pulse feature and accommodation facility, but 80 dollars doesn’t seem worth the money to avail only a slightly better result than the 5200 model.

Despite the 5200 model has lower features, it can still provide a neck to neck performance of the 7500 model.

Our Verdict

Despite we took the side of the 7500 model considering the design and features, we really think the 5200 model is worth the money by providing an almost similar performance but with 80 dollars less. The decision is up to you whichever you find more suitable for you.

Our final verdict of the Vitamix 7500 vs 5200 battle is choosing the 7500 model. Because we feel 7500 covers up all the shortcomings of the 5200 model, which is genuinely impressive and the perfect kitchen appliance that you can ever buy.

But we are still pretty impressed with the Vitamix 5200 model. So we highly recommend buying this one if you run a little short on budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamix provides a stronger performance and longer lasting service compared to any other brands in the market. Despite being on the expensive side, Vitamix definitely seems to be worth the money.

None of the Vitamix products come with any lifetime warranty. All the Vitamix models come with a standard 7 years warranty. You can add 3 more years just by paying an extra 75 dollars with the base price.

All of the removable parts of any Vitamix blender is dishwasher safe. You can wash the containers with hot temperatures too.

Vitamix is expensive for its strong motor, high performance, and warranty facility. It has an amazing after sales service which altogether makes the product worth every penny.

All the Vitamix products are BPA free and made of food grade material. So it is absolutely safe to use this product for all kinds of food.

Wrapping It Up

So there goes our in depth comparison battle between Vitamix 7500 vs 5200. If you are obsessed with Vitamix blenders, you can certainly consider to buy one of these two. We hope you will not be disappointed. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy one of them!

If you have any question regarding this post, please post your questions on our comment section. We will try to answer them as soon as possible. Until then, happy blending!

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