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Turkish Food Most Tasteful Dishes

If you love trying out different cuisines in the world, you must have a Turkish Food expedition. Amazingly tasty foods with so many complex flavors will make you fall in love with it. Turkish cuisine is quite popular for both their street and restaurant foods. It is indeed a majestic experience to visit a traditional Turkish restaurant.

The traditional regal interiors and distinct atmosphere will certainly make you feel like a royal guest. Although, the food is where the true royalty lies in. Once you try the rich and delicious traditional foods, you will come again and again.

Besides, the food items are so diverse that you will literally struggle to pick a dish from the menu. Every item is amazing in its own way. But some of them are loved by literally everyone who tried them.

Following is a list of such four dishes that you must try out at a Turkish restaurant:

It is quite impossible to discover a Doner Kebab joint yet resist this yummy street food. This finger-licking fast food is a national favorite in Turkey. Despite having some similarities with Greek Gyros, the Turkish Doner is way tastier and more loved by everyone. This particular food is found almost everywhere in the world.

Turkish Food

Also popular in its other name Shawarma, the Doner Kebab is made with chicken, lamb or beef. The slow roasting stacked layers of meat get infused by so much flavor that you will feel like a savory party in your mouth. Doner kebab is served with pita bread or rice.

But most of the people prefer it with pita bread. It is a dish that you should never deny. So don’t miss to try out this signature food whenever you find a Turkish Doner kebab shop.

2. Baklava: The Delightful Turkish Food

Turkish Food

Baklava is another intricate Turkish dish that has gained huge admiration all over the world. It is the focus of any middle eastern bakery as their best selling pastry. Extraordinarily luscious taste has helped this dish to become one of the most famous foods in the world.

Buttery layers of pastry sheets with a nut layer soaked in gorgeous sugar syrup is the key to a delicious piece of Baklava. The melt in the mouth texture and pleasant bites of different type of nuts certainly makes it a true delight for every sweet tooth out there. You will surely love this one even if you are not that much into desserts.

The best part about baklava is, it is indeed easy to make. You can make this dessert easily at home with your own choice of nut mixtures. So, do give this dish a try and enjoy a sweet experience of this delightful food.

3. Pide/ Turkish Pizza: A Solid Competitor Of Italian Pizza

It seems quite surprising to see the name of an Italian dish as food, doesn’t it? But the truth is, this Turkish pizza is completely different from an Italian pizza. Despite having some similarities in the concept, the Turkish pizza (also known as Pide) has different looks, preparations and flavor profiles.

It is basically a flatbread with different varieties of toppings. Beef, chicken or even vegetables, you can make it with the topping of any choice. The boat shape gives an iconic look to this pizza, making it a lot different than an Italian one.

Although the use of cheese and tomato sauce may seem like a typical Italian pizza. But various herbs, vegetables, and meat preparation area where it makes a difference. Crispy texture with gooey cheese and a unique Turkish flavor contribute to a delightful experience that you will love.

This dish is indeed popular as both fast food and main course meal. It is also quite easy to make. So do give it a try and enjoy this exotic version of pizza.

4. Borek: The Savory Pastry

Borek is also a Turkish favorite that you can find at any Turkish street food stall. Those who are not a fan of desserts and sweet dishes, Borek is indeed perfect for them. It is basically a Turkish version of meat puff but it is a lot different. Buttery phyllo pastry roll with flavorful meat, vegetable or cheese stuffing delivers a super delicious dish.

The buttery aroma is so good that it will instantly boost your appetite. Besides, the stuffing features some classic favorite meat fillings that everyone loves. Although the Turkish people traditionally use spinach and feta cheese for the stuffing. But either way, it is delicious.

The Börek is like the savory version of Baklava, in different shape and taste, but the same buttery goodness in pastry. The Börek is not that much available as street food, but it is widely popular as homemade food. With a touch of love and affection, the Börek has reached to every Turkish table. So do try this one at home to get the true essence of the intimate Turkish family recipes.

So there goes our choice of four must-try this food. Each of them is tasty in its own way. So, try these out to get a taste of the diverse experience of Turkish food.

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