Thanksgiving vs Christmas vs Black Friday: Best Time to Buy

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It’s November & the season of joy comes once again! All of us wait all year for November & plan for the festive season. Because we get a set of different festivals like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas & finally, the New Year! Not only for a joyous celebration with our family and friends, have most of us waited for these festivals to snatch the best deals on shopping too! Now you might be wondering, Thanksgiving vs Christmas vs Black Friday, what is the best time for shopping?

Read on to know and avail some exciting offers!

The tradition of offering exciting deals on this season isn’t that new, rather these festive months have been a peak selling season all over the world.

From grocery stores to fashion chains, the discounts may go up to 70-80% depending on their stock. And the best way to avail of these deals is by shopping online.

E-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, eBay, Home Depot offer exciting deals on these occasions, and the offers usually stay for months.

Exciting Thanksgiving Offers For 2020

Now that the season of Halloween is over, now it’s the Thanksgiving month! In the US, the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving day, although Canada celebrates this day on the second Monday of October.

Usually, all the stores offer Black Friday deals on the following day of this American holiday, including online stores. So you can still feel the vibe of Thanksgiving in November even though you’re in Canada.

Though we celebrate Thanksgiving with joy and happiness, most of us actually don’t know the history of celebrating this national holiday.

This auspicious day is celebrated in a lot of countries like the US, Canada, Granada, Brazil & Liberia. Many places like Puerto Rico, Leiden also celebrates this day.

Despite this holiday has both cultural & religious roots, people from different religions celebrate this day as well. We celebrate this day to thank our almighty for the food and harvest we got all the year.

Now, this occasion has been a great season for buying stuff too. If you’re eagerly waiting for Black Friday deals & discounts, well here’s a good news for you.

Best Kitchen Hub is gathering all the best Black Friday deals on kitchen category so that you can avail of the discounts on various kitchen items.

Now you can afford the expensive smart coffee maker that you were waiting to buy all year, or the best blender to shake up your smoothies.

Here are some exciting kitchen deals you can grab on Thanksgiving—

Exciting Christmas Offers For 2020

It’s a chilly afternoon and you have a look at your window and see it’s mildly snowing. Feeling a little cold, you wrap yourself with a cozy comforter and have a cup of piping hot chocolate while you’re reading your favorite novel. Suddenly, you look at the calendar and see it’s December, the month of joy & happiness is finally here!

There’s not a single person who doesn’t wait for Christmas all year long, this festival just brings warmth to our home in this chilly season. We gather around our friends and families and wish a Merry Christmas to each other.

The Christmas cakes, the eggnogs, the stockings, the Christmas trees, the decorations, there’s just nothing to dislike about Christmas.

Being the season of romance & family findings, Christmas is one of the major occasions when we exchange gifts with our beloved ones. That is why this is one of the most significant selling seasons.

People go nuts over the exciting deals & offers that various store offers. Not only for presenting gifts to others, Christmas is an amazing time for buying stuff for your house too.

We can’t get over how this month is the most prime selling month of the year, these exciting offers kind of made it possible.

Most of us plan all year round for buying stuff this month. And we try to find out which stores are offering the best discounts.

To help you find the best deals on Christmas, Best Kitchen Hub has listed out some of the best kitchen deals online.

Here you can get the best discounts online on the best products. Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the best Christmas deals this year—

History Of Thanksgiving

After harvesting and at other times, prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions.

The history of the Thanksgiving holiday in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation.

It also has characteristics of a harvest festival. Because the New England harvest takes place long before the late November date on which the western Thanksgiving holiday is observed.

In the English tradition, during the English Reformation in the reign of Henry VIII and in reaction to a large number of religious holidays on the Catholic calendar, days of Thanksgiving and special Thanksgiving religious services became significant.

There were 95 church holidays before 1536. It also included 52 Sundays. Individuals were expected to attend church and give up work and often pay for costly celebrations these days.

So that’s how this day of joy took place. And now we celebrate it in many countries. This occasion involved large scale shopping.

So stores started to offer massive discounts on their products to increase sales. That’s how the concept of Black Friday came.

This traditional day is important to us for various reasons. So let’s celebrate this day with the utmost respect & utilize the exciting discounts. Don’t forget to see our deals for the Black Friday too!

History Of Christmas

The middle of winter has been a time of celebration in the world for a long time. It began centuries before the coming of the man named Jesus.

In the darkest days of winter, early Europeans celebrated light and birth. During the winter solstice, when the worst of the winter was behind them, many people rejoiced for the coming day.

And they were able to look forward to longer days and prolonged hours of sunshine.

The Norse celebrated Yule in Scandinavia from December 21. They celebrated the winter solstice, through January. Fathers and sons, in celebration of the return of the light, would bring home large logs that they would set on fire.

Until the log burned out, which could take as long as 12 days, the people would feast. The Norse claimed that any spark from the fire was a new pig or calf to be born in the coming year.

The end of December in most parts of Europe was a great time to celebrate. At that time of year, most cattle were slaughtered so that during the winter they would not have to be fed.

It was the only time of year for many that they had stocks of fresh meat. Moreover, most of the wine and beer produced during the year were eventually fermented and ready for consumption.

During the mid-winter holiday, people honored the pagan god Oden in Germany. The Germans were afraid of Oden. They thought that he had made nocturnal flights across the sky to watch his people.

And then he determined who would prosper or die. Many people choose to remain indoors because of his presence.

After The Death Of Jesus

Eventually, after the crucifixion of Jesus, people celebrated his birthday as Christmas day. This day is a symbol of joy and happiness all over the world. That’s how the tradition of our favorite holiday started.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Christmas & Thanksgiving are two most important festivals for us & we shouldn’t have any confusion with them. Let’s hear out some questions that you asked about these two events—

Usually red, brown, yellow & orange well represent a Thanksgiving. We are kind of accustomed to rustic colors & themes on Thanksgiving.

Stuffed, obviously! You should’ve seen the memes!

To me, Christmas means the happiest time, when we’re surrounded by our families and friends, and spend some memorable time. The Christmas has always been a source of bittersweet nostalgia to me.

The auspicious time to put up a Christmas tree is at the Advent season, which begins four sundays prior of the Christmas day. So people usually puts up their Christmas tree on late november to the first week of December.

To fluff up a Christmas tree, first start with the branches, use your hand and try to separate the branches from one another. After you finish fluffing up, decorate your tree with Christmas ornaments.

So now you know the history of Thanksgiving vs Christmas. If you’re a discount freak like us, you know what to do these days! Snatch the exciting deals today and shop like a king! Happy shopping!

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