Technivorm Moccamaster Vs Bonavita: A Down To The Wire Battle

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Are you looking for a paramount quality drip coffee maker? This article might then help you because we are presenting you Technivorm Moccamaster vs Bonavita difference that enables you to select one of the finest drip coffee makers. Without further ado, let’s get into the comparison—

Technivorm Moccamaster Vs Bonavita

The Technivorm was the best coffee maker in the market some days ago. But after coming to the Bonavita coffee maker, it changes the whole game. It takes the market for its best quality and its incredibly low price tag.

However, there is no doubt these two coffee makers manufacture the most astounding coffee. These two coffee makers are also known for its high-performing and top-notch quality.

There are many more to discuss about these coffee makers, and we provide an in-depth discussion and comparison to help you pick one.

Technivorm coffee machine

This coffee maker manufactured to make premium quality coffee at home. Its original pattern and slick style make it classier.


Ever since the 1960s, Technivorm’s coffee maker design is almost similar. There is no change in Moccamaster as well. Sharp angle and clean lines, and a lot of negative space make this product so attractive in the LED lights.

Its stainless steel body and high-quality BPA free plastic turn the coffee maker more in sleek and classic.

The clear plastic, several extent glasses, and the metal make this coffee maker one of the finest attractive automatic coffee maker.

It may take a little large place in the kitchen for its large dimension. This product comes in at 6.9-lbs weight. Its use of metal and the dimensions make its sturdy and firm unit.

It gives you an option to choose from three body color- black, stone-gray, and polished silver. But the stainless steel carafe and the plastic component will stay unchanged.


This coffee maker features an inimitable copper heating component that is akin to the espresso machine. The copper element helps you to quickly bring the water at the accurate temperature and shuts off robotically.

This coffee maker manual adjusts the drip lever to control the flow to pour a cup or stop it. The separate warm plate remains between 195 to 204 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps you rapidly heat water to the most advantageous temperature.

It assists in getting your authentic hot coffee without waiting too long. These coffee maker features also include a dual coil heater that comes within a power scale of 1400 watts. This is supreme for water saturation. The brew basket is manually adjusted.

It has an extended water convey pipe ending in a nine holed showerhead, which is saturating the coffee beds. This is extracted all the coffee ground at a similar rate, leading to a cup of delicious and balanced coffee.

This espresso maker makes 40-oz of brewed coffee that is equivalent to 8 cups. The thermal carafe will remain brewed coffee warm for a long hour for its insulated stainless steel feature.

The carafe brew-through cover helps to stay the coffee warm by mixing the recently brewed coffee properly throughout the carafe. However, it is most satisfactory for heat retention. And it also gives proper mixing of beans for equivalent flavor distribution.


This product is designed for no-mess experience, and it is easy to use. Even a non trained person can easily brew coffee in just a minute. Its copper boiler distributes the heat throughout the coffee pot, which takes 5 minutes to brew a perfect aromatic and flavorful coffee cup. Where else other coffee maker takes 13-15 minutes to finish the brew cycle.

The funnel-shaped brew basket is made of a unique approach that will accept a gold-pitch permanent filter or standard four paper filters. The vertical ridge of the basket can collect the dried coffee.

Once in a while, if you utilize the metal filter, it can quietly collect the fines. This coffee maker saves your lots of time, you need to set the ground coffee within the filter-basket, switch on the machine, and you are done.

Now watch the magic of this product. It gives you authentic coffee with not put much effort and no taste variance.


Cleaning of this coffee maker is as easy as the use of its. This coffee maker comes with simple cleaning parts that are very trouble-free to clean.

After every use, wash the carafe and the filter basket evenly. You can also wipe with a towel or brush for additional vigorous cleaning.

The only negative aspect is that the brewer plastic apparatus are not dishwasher favorable. It suggests to you descale your brewer following every hundred uses or bundle of filter paper.


You can face one drawback; this product is quite costly. But it is worth of it. Every Technivorm brewer is tested separately and hand–assemble, and ensure high-quality manufacture and consistent. 

For this, it received the SCA-certified home brewer badge. Although you know the price is high, it is worth buying.


This coffee maker offers a wide-ranging variety of color and features. This brand use recycled environment-friendly material. It comes with a five-year warranty. It also replaces the individual parts of the machine as requirement.


It is a famous brand for superior performance. It also leads to the coffee maker machine’s market, and this coffee machine can give you excellent caffeine-rich coffee. With the coffee maker, this beverage makes your morning great.

It is affordable and reasonable in quality. The durable technology of this machine is impressive.


The design of this machine is traditional. This product is mainly designed in Germany. China is the manufacturer of this coffee machine. The simple design can touch the mind of coffee lovers.

The dimensions of this coffee maker are 12.4 x 6.8 x 12.2 inches. Weight is 6.1 lbs. There is an on/off button. The water tank is enormous, which can contain 40 ounces of water.

The excellent power heating element is an additional feature of this brand. The showerhead is large in size and automatic. The Brew basket is closed in design. You have more options for a carafe.

There is also a black base with stainless carafe and glass carafe etc. This product is an excellent choice for more styles at a reasonable price. A flat-bottomed filter basket is helpful for better extraction. This brand tries to develop a semi-automatic drip brewer.

The pre-infusion function is an excellent reason for the massive selling of this product. However, the design makes the machine lighter.


The feature of this product is mostly as usual as others. This machine also has a simple programmable setting. It has only an on/off button. This device has a closed brew basket.

Moreover, it has no hot plate. But it can keep coffee warm by the metal thermal carafe. This coffee maker gives a 1.25-liter stainless carafe that is glass-lined. The carafe has an excellent lid which can quickly seal.

This device can brew coffee 8 cups within 6 minutes. It is affordable and fair to build quality. Moreover, steel constructions are not expensive. So it is not entirely free from corrosion and rust.

Hardened black plastics use all the plastic parts in the machine and the showerhead has a significant role in making coffee. This device is power savings than the other and fewer energy needs for working for the design.


The function of this product is easy to operate. A beginner or non trained person can brew coffee easily, and this machine also has a simple programmable setting. It has one button for on/off.

It has two brewers. The showerhead is large in size and automatic. The showerhead has a significant role in making coffee. Pre-infusion is one of the excellent features.

Pre-infusion helps remove excess gas. Degassing is useful for making the coffee tasty. Auto shutoff is another exclusive feature. The machine will auto shutoff after 40 minutes from your use.

It can keep coffee warm by the metal thermal carafe. Brew time is crucial for coffee making. Everyone requires preparing coffee fast. But this coffee maker is slow for brewing, and it brews 8 cups carafe within 6 minutes. So, you cannot save your time.


It is a simple device. You can clean every part without trouble. It will be fine if you wash the carafe and filter basket after using it. You have to wipe them with dry clothes or a towel. You will not clean the brewer plastic apparatus with water.


Nobody knows about the wrong of the machine. Warranty is the perfect indicator of quality, and you should select the one which has a lengthy contract. This machine offers only two years warranty.


You will purchase this at a reasonable price. You need to pay $150. Moreover, it is the lowest price for this brand. You can get within this range $150 to $230.


  • Traditional design that easy to use and control
  • The pre-infusion function provides the lovely taste of the coffee.
  • Power savings from others. 
  • Keep warmer by the metal thermal carafe
  • The device is reasonable at price
  • Auto shutoff system
  • Durable and portable


  • Only two years warranty
  • Not entirely free from corrosion and rust

Technivorm Moccamaster vs Bonavita

Aesthetic options

When you consider this option, Technivorm will be more suitable for yourself. Moreover, with this machine, you’ll have the opportunity to pick between more than 15 colors. It is extraordinary! Additionally, you will get some more colors like grape, blue, or sky blue, and stone dark.

On the contrary, you will not get numerous alternative color options with the Bonavita machine. Moreover, you can get only three possibilities. Though the cost is much lower, it will be ideal to have more styles with various colors.

Brewing Differences


Technivorm machine has a metal shower head that might be driven over the ground to acquire an even immersion. I will suggest you do that physically. Additionally, they might have made the right decision to remove the client’s disturbance.

Furthermore, the showerhead is planned in the way that it splashes equitably. Moreover, Bonavita has a favorable position on this angle;

The Technivorm machine remunerates a bit with a fermenting container that can be set to quick trickle, slow dribble, and no trickle at all. Moreover, this permits you to play with different crush sizes.


The ideal brewing temperature for both the coffee machines is 197.6°F. Moreover, Technivorm blends at a lower temperature, which makes a smoother cup. On the other hand, Bonavita makes a bolder cup for the higher fermenting temperature.

Furthermore, this legitimately influences the temperature of the completed item, Moccamaster delivering a marginally colder cup. Again, quite hot espresso lovers can solve this by utilizing a pre-warmed carafe.

Brew Time

It is a very significant fact in the case of maintains a coffee machine. You will not prefer to wait for hours sitting tight for your espresso by considering all the things. Moreover, try to pick a coffee machine that has a reasonable mixing time.

The Technivorm is probably the best machine considering this fact. Moreover, you will get confidence realizing that your espresso will be prepared in a short time. Overall, it will just take five minutes to mix espresso utilizing this espresso machine.

Again, the Bonavita coffee maker takes a little high time comparing to the Technivorm espresso machine. Moreover, when you are in a rush, you’ll probably need to stay with the Technivorm since it can mix espresso a lot faster.

Build Quality

Nature and build quality of Bonavita is unquestionably not in the same class as the Technivorm. Moreover, the Bonavita feels plasticky in places, while the Technivorm is strong with an aluminum body.

Additionally, the Technivorm coffee machine has a copper warming component that can apparently warm the water more productively. However, it is manufactured in the Netherlands, planned by a Dutch organization.

Again, the Bonavita is created in China, planned by a German organization. By considering the build quality, you can trust that Technivorm is the best coffee maker.


It is true that Bonavita will keep going for a long period of time. If you ask me to pick one of them for reliability, my decision would be Technivorm.

They don’t break after using more than ten years. So, you will be tired of using the same coffee machine for a long time, and you will decide to buy a new model.

Thermal carafe

The Bonavita 1.25L carafe is glass-lined and keeps temperature truly well. The carafe has a cover that seals quite well.

Moreover, you have to eliminate the cover to put the cone channel basket for fermenting, and afterward eliminate the channel basket. If you want to pour, you need a lever.

The Technivorm 1.25L impeccable carafe doesn’t expect levers to pour. Moreover, it is not the perfect one. I dumped it for two reasons:

  1. It emitted a noticeable metal taste
  2. The pour ramble trickled like crazy

I observed most of the comprised carafes are suitable now.


Customers are always worried about the quality as well as cost. However, the Technivorm is more costly than the Bonavita coffee machine. Moreover, the model has such numerous magnificent features that will guarantee usability, flawlessness, solidness, and durability.

The espresso brewer is fundamentally the same as those used in the espresso shops. When you have a tight budget, your most ideal alternative will be the Bonavita.

The model is about 200 dollars less expensive than the Moccamaster coffee machine. You have to think about the quality features before you decide to purchase one of them. Moreover, you have to think of safety first.

Automatic shut off

When the espresso machine runs for a long time, there is a decent possibility that something will turn out badly.

Thusly, it is relevant to purchase an espresso machine that includes a programmed shutoff. Moreover, this will guarantee that the machine is secured to the fullest.

The Technivorm highlights an auto shut off option. You will get confidence realizing that it will be closed after 100 minutes. That is marginally excessively long.

All things considered, a lot can happen in that long duration. Moreover, we can say that this option is superior to nothing.

When you leave this machine active, it will consequently close after 40 minutes. That is obviously better. However, we accept that 100 minutes is excessively long, improving the probability that issues may happen.

Which one is better? Our Verdict

You cannot get a clear answer about the better one between Moccamaster and Bonavita. It will depend on your preference. Moccamaster Vs Bonavita, there are no many differences.

If you prefer high build-quality and reliability, the Moccamaster coffee maker will be the best selection for buying. Moreover, it has excellent performance with high durability and portability. So, it is expensive. This coffee machine will serve you better for a long time. 

If you prefer not to spend more money, you can select Bonavita. Although it is cheap, This product has modern features. This coffee maker will serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Having a moderate price range, Technivorm coffee makers have always managed to provide an excellent service. After using Technivorm for a few years, we can say we are fully satisfied with this appliance.

Technivorm coffee makers are made in Netherlands.

You can use commercial coffee maker cleaners for the best result. Or you can use homemade cleaning solutions made of vinegar, dish soap & baking soda.

Technivorm coffee maker is actually a drip coffee maker, so it can’t make an espresso.

Bonavita is indeed a great brand for their excellent coffee makers. They have been wowing the customers for quite a few years.

So here goes our in-depth comparison between Technivorm Moccamaster vs Bonavita. Now you won’t have think twice to choose between them, because the difference is right in front of your eyes. Happy brewing!

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