Samsung Smart Refrigerator Reviews: Check All

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Waking up to find your fridge broken is the worst catastrophe in your kitchen. It is a part and parcel element of a kitchen. A dysfunctional fridge is just as good as a closet. Buying a new fridge, therefore, becomes mandatory. Purchasing the best smart refrigerator in the market is the best option.

There’s nothing new to describe the importance of a fridge at home. Your daily lifestyle literally revolves around it. It has one simple function, making your food cold and preserved. But its impact goes a long way.

Starting the day with breakfast and ending it with dinner, everything depends on what you have in your fridge. So you can’t deny the necessity of having a fridge at home.

Speaking of buying a fridge, you should consider buying a smart fridge. You may think all it does is to make your food cold, why should someone waste money buying one?

Read our buying guide for choosing the best smart refrigerator to change your mind.

In A Hurry? Check Out Our Best Smart Refrigerator Reviews In A Nutshell

Top 6 Best Smart Refrigerator Of 2020

You are certainly wondering about what can be the best fridge in 2020. We have done an extensive experiment on quite a lot of products online. And finally, we found our picks.

We were able to select some of the best fridge deals you can find online. Considering not only specifications and features, but the price range was also a big matter to us.

We have categorized our picks into different categories. Because that way you will be able to find your perfect pick more easily. We did an overall top 5 pick for the best fridge to buy in 2020. Also, we picked the best smart refrigerator, best fridge with screen, even with Wi-Fi.

The budget was an important criterion for us, so we did some budget picks too. Anyways, below are the detailed reviews of our best smart refrigerator for this year:

Best Smart Refrigerator: Our Top Picks

Before we dig into the reviews, you should keep in mind that not all of them are equally good. We went through several parameters to find out our picks.

Some of them can be not as smart as we defined as a smart fridge. But they are still great choices for home use. So below are the top 6 best smart refrigerator of 2020:

1. Thor Kitchen HRF3601F 36 inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

This product is by far one of the best products of Thor Kitchen. The total service of this product is just mesmerizing. Design, features, material, specification, this fridge is perfect for your home. The first thing came to our mind is its elegant design. This fridge has a French door design.

It looks quite impressive with its stainless steel finishing. The fridge portion remains on the upper side while the freezer part is on the lower side. Its upper part has two side by side doors.

The mechanism of this fridge is quite brilliant compared to others. It has a dual cycle and dual air cooled refrigeration system.

Efficient Mechanism

Dual cycle refrigeration system means the freezer and the fridge portion has a separate cooling system. That means each of the segments has an independent cooling option.

So you can control the temperature of the fridge and freezer portion separately. Besides, a separate air cooling system prevents excessive ice formation efficiently.

As it is a non frost fridge, even circulation of air is needed. So the dual air cooling system does it quite nicely. You will see absolutely no ice formation on the fridge. And do not have to struggle taking foods out of the freezer.

This is indeed a huge relief for those who previously owned a frost fridge. Because we all know the struggle of owning a frost fridge.

Perfect Fit

Another plus point of this fridge is its size. The Thor Kitchen Fridge has just the perfect size for a medium to large size kitchen. Although it might not be suitable to fit into a small kitchen. It has a whopping 36 inches cabinet depth, which will give you enough storage space without occupying much space in the kitchen.

69.9 inches of height and 28.7 inches of breadth yields a whopping 15.16 cubic feet capacity. The freezer portion is divided into two large chiller drawers.

These drawers are obviously enough to provide roomy and flexible storage. Overall, this fridge has an excellent dimension. While testing this fridge, what we liked the best is the organizing friendly compartments of this fridge.

Firstly, the fridge portion is on the upper side. That gives a great advantage of keeping wide bowls and dishes in the fridge. Like you do not have to struggle to put a large cake in the fridge on your daughter’s birthday.

Also, the shelves are retractable. So you can easily put taller dishes or items in the fridge. For example- you do not have to worry about fitting a tall trifle dish for Thanksgiving.

Also, this fridge has two large fresh food drawers. The best part about this food drawer is, they are made with a special mechanism.

So that the drawers are humidity controlled. Therefore, you do not have to worry about turning the other foods on the fridge damp and soggy.

Smart In Every Aspect

The reason it earned its “smart” name is its LED display on the door. Thor Kitchen French Door Fridge is truly the best smart refrigerator for this feature.

This LED display not only makes it look smart but also gives an elegant look to it. The LED display primarily shows temperature and multiple options to control the fridge.

Although this is not a touch panel, you can edit the settings by touching the display. It just shows in which temperature this fridge is working on.

While scrutinizing this product, we found out multiple pros and cons that will help you to learn more about this product.

Although a lot of plus points and a few minuses keep the name for the best smart refrigerator. They are—


  • Organizing friendly smart design
  • Built in ice maker
  • Humidity controlling fresh food drawer for keeping vegetables
  • Stainless steel material to prevent rust formation
  • Double air cooling refrigeration system
  • Twin cooling system
  • Energy star certification
  • Silent compressor, so no noise.


  • No water dispenser
  • The ice maker is slightly low capacity

Overall, this fridge is a true candidate for the best smart refrigerator of 2020. The price range is also super reasonable. So you can get rid of your old one and buy this fridge.

2. Daewoo RFS- 26DBCE French Door Fridge

This fridge is also an eligible candidate for the best smart refrigerator of 2020. Every aspect of this fridge is impressive. Though it doesn’t have any so called “smart” features, it can successfully provide a top notch service.

While testing this one, we were so impressed that we couldn’t help but keeping this fridge in the list of the best smart refrigerator of 2020. So let’s dig into the review.

Sophisticated Design

The first thing that we liked is the elegant design and outlook of this fridge. While testing this fridge, the first thing that came into our mind is, it’s huge. The Daewoo premium French door fridge has a whopping 26 cubic feet capacity.

So it will be an excellent choice to fit into a large kitchen. It is literally big like a closet. The stainless steel finishing prevents rust formation and maintains the outlook for a long time.

The fridge comes in two elegant colors, silver and black. So they can easily match with your kitchen. About design, this fridge also has an organizing friendly compartment design like the

Thor Kitchen fridge. This is one of the reasons it got into the list of the best smart refrigerator. The Daewoo Premium French Door Fridge also has the fridge segment on the upper side.

Just like the previous one, the upper part has two doors with two straight handles. So you get a super wide fridge portion. Retractable shelves made with high quality glass material will provide just the right amount of space you need for keeping your dish. Either a trifle dish or a giant wedding cake, you can effortlessly put that in your fridge.

Convenient Feature

The upper part has three large drawers to keep fresh food on the lower side. Among these three, two of them are vegetable drawers and one is a wide drawer for keeping cheese and stuff.

Overall, the upper part has quite a nice structure to meet the demand for every type of need. The lower part of this fridge is actually a chiller drawer. This chiller drawer is actually the freezer portion of the fridge.

You can keep a lot of food items in this spacious drawer. But we feel this portion is not enough organizing friendly like the fridge portion. So this is a drawback for us. Other than that, the design is pretty great as a French Door Fridge.

Extraordinary facilities

Some other interesting things about the design is, this fridge has an anti fingerprint finish. So you do not have to worry about wiping the fridge again and again. It has a built in water dispenser on the left door.

Also, it has an ice dispenser on the upper part. So you can get ice and sparkling water whenever you feel to have a glass of some nice wine. Besides, it has two special bins for keeping goods in the fridge.

One of them is the dairy bin, in which you can put any dairy product to prevent smells from the other foods. And the other one is gallon storage bin, in which you can store some gallon sized massive containers. The overall design is thus pretty impressive for us. Another plus point of this fridge is its touch control panel.

The Daewoo premium French Door fridge has an LED touch control panel with which you can control the temperature and other fundamental functions like air flow, etc. This control panel is what makes it a smart fridge. We loved to have this thing on such a low budget fridge.

Intact Freshness

Not only the design, were some of its features quite excellent. Like the humidity control feature was impressive and the crisper bin feature was top notch. Besides, the temperature controlled drawer feature is something we liked. The whole mechanism of this fridge was quite impressive to us.

In our opinion, the best part of this fridge was the Neutra Fresh feature. This feature has a built in 2 in 1 anti bacterial filter and deodorizer. So you do not get any foul smell from your fridge. Also, the anti bacterial feature makes your fridge safe. If you have a hygiene issue, you can consider this fridge.

Other than these features, we have found out more important features and some drawbacks of this fridge. They are-


  • Anti fingerprint design
  • Anti bacterial atmosphere
  • Organizing friendly upper portion
  • Energy star certification
  • Water dispenser
  • Ice dispenser
  • Separate dairy and vegetable drawers and bins
  • Humidity control features
  • Noise free compressor


  • Massive chiller drawer for fridge makes it really uncomfortable to organize the food.

Overall, this best smart refrigerator is also a great one for buying. The price point is quite cheap compared to such impressive features. So do not miss out on this excellent best smart refrigerator for 2020.

3. SMETA Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer

This fridge is has a similar outlook like the Thor Kitchen French Door one. But the outlook is more shiny and glossy than that. This item is also a great value for money. The design, feature, performance, it is a winner in every aspect.

This fridge has multiple smart features that impressed us too. So it is the right choice to keep it in the list of best smart refrigerator of 2020. The first thing we noticed about the fridge is its outlook.

This fridge has a beautiful stainless steel finishing which instantly impressed us. It will be an elegant addition to your kitchen. As usual, the upper part is the refrigerator and the lower part is the freezer. The upper part has two side by side door which opens into massive food storage.

Retractable shelves and large drawers make the upper part an organizing dream. The bottom freezers drawer of the upper part is another interesting addition to this refrigerator. The doors have deep shelves that make it easier to store bottles. 

So that it doesn’t spill or fall accidentally. The sleek design also helps to put the right food in the right place.

Easy To Clean

Just like Daewoo refrigerator, it also has fingerprint resistant doors. So you don’t have to wipe it again and again to keep it clean. Besides, the silent slide design will give easy access to the crisper.

This fridge has a door open alarm which reminds you if you keep the door open. About the freezer part, it is just as similar to the Thor Kitchen one. It is divided into two drawers which makes it easier to access the food. Due to two drawers, you can now get easier access to frozen food.

Unlike any other fridges, the ice maker remains in the lower part of the refrigerator. That makes the upper part more spacious. Overall, the design and outlook are pretty satisfactory.

This refrigerator also has a smart LED touch control panel. With this control panel, you can edit the settings of this fridge according to your choice. The LED panel also displays the usual stats of the refrigerator.

So you can know if you have to change the setting. This feature is something that makes this fridge the best smart refrigerator. Other features of this refrigerator are pretty amazing. Like auto defrost, humidity control, crisper, these options are pretty useful. While working on this fridge, we sorted some pros and cons of this refrigerator. They are-


  • Sleek design
  • Auto defrost technology
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Humidity control feature
  • Humidity controlled crisper
  • Silent slide
  • Noise free compressor
  • Roomy door shelves


  • No energy star rating, so no energy saving.

This product also belongs to a reasonable price range. So considering all the aspects, this is a true contender of being the best smart refrigerator of 2020.

4. Samsung Refrigerator RF28JBEDBS

In the world of smart fridges, Samsung is the king. Although their expensive price range is a major drawback to it. Most of the Samsung smart fridges are pretty expensive. But sometimes its brilliant features and specification make it worth the price.

Just like that this Samsung refrigerator is a great product. There’s nothing new to tell how gorgeous Samsung refrigerators are. The outlook, the design, everything is just exceptional.

This product is a true example of elegance in a kitchen appliance. It has a simple black stainless steel design with fingerprint resistant coating. It has two doors on the upper part and a drawer on the lower part.

The left door has a built in water dispenser and the right door has a display. This color display has a whole lot of functions that we will discuss in the “best smart refrigerator with TV” section. 

Simple yet Elegant Design

The upper part is the refrigerator portion, it has a lot of space inside. The ice maker and the water dispenser takes a part of space, but still the remaining space is good enough. The overall architecture of the refrigerator portion is pretty great like other refrigerators of our best smart refrigerator list.

We found nothing extraordinary in that. And the freezer portion is pretty much okay in design. Although only one drawer makes it tough to organize frozen food.

In our opinion, two drawers on the bottom part yield far more comfort in arranging the food. Overall, the design is pretty great as a French door refrigerator.


Now come to the main part, the features. First the technical features. This fridge has a lot of extraordinary features that make it truly remarkable. The twin cooling plus feature ensures better freezing capability.

Also, the cool select pantry feature helps you to maintain an optimum temperature for fruits and cheese trays. But the best part is the Family Hub. This fridge is run by a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Operating System(ROS).

This system helps to maintain your fridge in many ways. We will provide a detailed post on the Samsung Family Hub later on.

This refrigerator has built in Wi-Fi. Which helps you to control the refrigerator through Family Hub. Three built in cameras will let you see inside your refrigerator from anywhere. The energy star power rating makes this refrigerator more awesome.

Here are some pros and cons of this refrigerator for a quick overview:


  • Elegant design
  • Built in screen
  • Three built in camera to watch inside
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Twin cooling system
  • Cool select pantry
  • Water and ice dispenser
  • Samsung Family Hub operating system


  • Expensive
  • Freezer drawer is not organizing friendly

Despite being expensive, this fridge is an excellent choice for being the best smart refrigerator of 2020. If budget isn’t a problem, then you can buy this refrigerator without a second thought.

5. Samsung 28 cu. Ft 4 Door French Door Refrigerator

This one is another gorgeous looking fridge made by Samsung. This fridge isn’t as smart as the previous one. It doesn’t have a color screen on the door. But it does have an LED control panel display. Which is super efficient and active for long day use.

The design is also excellent and performance is overwhelming. While testing this fridge, the first thing that came to our mind is how nicely this fridge was designed.

. It has a whopping 28 cu feet capacity yet looks so compact for even a small kitchen. It has two doors on the upper part and two sliding drawers on the lower part. Also, the water dispenser adds a compliment to the elegant design of this fridge.

This refrigerator is available in some exclusive colors to match your kitchen cabinets. So you never have to worry about its outlook.

Spacious Interior

When we first opened the upper part or the refrigerator portion, we found a roomy interior. This fridge has a great interior for keeping all types of containers.

It has tempered glass shelves. These shelves are also retractable, so you can keep even large size containers if needed. The ice maker resides on the upper part, so you can easily access the ice.

It has multiple door shelves that are deeply grooved to prevent the spilling of containers or falling. The vegetable drawers are great for reserving the vegetables without letting them rot.

Now the freezer part, we previously said that two chiller drawers make it easy to keep frozen foods. You do not have to worry about organizing food in the freezer. This fridge has two freezer drawers too. So it is now easier to keep a lot of food effortlessly.

Smart Display

The LED panel is another smart addition to this fridge. You can make your preferred setting and functions with this panel. The panel also displays on which temperature the fridge is running.

This is indeed an excellent feature as a smart fridge. The performance of this fridge is also quite great. The noise free compressor makes this fridge super silent. Besides the twin cooling system of this refrigerator ensure proper cooling of your food.

You can see the temperature on the LED display panel. But the best part of this fridge is the Flex-zone cooling system. The Flex-zone cooling system is a trademark of Samsung. In this feature, you can turn the whole refrigerator into the fridge.

This is indeed a great feature for those who have an extra freezer and need more refrigerator space. The overall feature is however great.

While working on this refrigerator, we could list out multiple pros and cons that will help you to learn more about this product. They are—


  • Flexzone feature
  • Twin cooling system
  • Double freezer drawer
  • Water dispenser
  • Smart look
  • LED control panel
  • Compact design
  • Depth flexibility (Full depth, counter depth or extra depth)
  • Roomy interior
  • Energy star rating


  • No smart screen
  • Expensive

This fridge is a little high on price, but the features make it worth every penny. So you can try this refrigerator if you want something exceptional in your kitchen.

6. Kenmore 50049 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker

The Kenmore French Door Smart Refrigerator is another best smart refrigerator in the world of smart appliances. This best smart refrigerator is quite exceptional from the other fridges from this post. Because it has a special feature that makes it really awesome.

That is its Alexa compatibility. This fridge supports Alexa voice. So that you can give commands to this fridge using an Alexa device. This is truly a great way of innovation in smart appliances.

The first thing that came to our mind while experimenting with this fridge is its design. It has a pretty solid design that will make your kitchen much more elegant than before.

The stainless steel coating on the outside is quite shiny and also resistant to any fingerprint. Just like any usual 3 door fridge, it also has two side by side door and a bottom drawer.

The upper part is the fridge portion and the bottom part is the freezer. This fridge has a water dispenser on the left door which is quite handsome looking. There’s nothing new inside, but the internal setup is quite simple and user friendly.

Smart Control

Above the water dispenser, there is a smart LED control panel display. This display is run by the Kenmore smart system. It is composed of an advanced technology that will give you access to premium features.

This system runs on Wi-Fi and gets connected to devices through it. You get a Kenmore Smart app to control your fridge from far away from home. This feature looks pretty fantastic yet so simple to operate. It also lets you control the fridge with Alexa voice.

Overall, the Kenmore Smart feature will get a 10 out of 10 from us. Another plus point of this refrigerator is, it has a signature door in door design. In which, the right door has an extra door to access the door cabinets without even opening the actual door. This design looks pretty impressive and exceptional which made us love this fridge even more.


About performance, the smart feature enhances the performance greatly. You can easily use this refrigerator for a long time without any hassle.

The efficient mechanism makes this refrigerator a yes yes for those who are planning to use their refrigerator for a long time. Overall, we genuinely liked this best smart refrigerator.

However, we also noticed some drawbacks of this best smart refrigerator while testing it. Below is a list of pros of cons of this smart fridge you may want to know before buying:


  • Rapid ice making system
  • Open door alert
  • Alexa voice command
  • Kenmore smart operating system
  • Water dispenser
  • Humidity controllable crisper
  • Spacious design
  • Energy star qualification


    • Doesn’t provide any digital services like play music

Overall, this fridge is a super awesome product for those who can not afford an expensive best smart refrigerator from Samsung or LG. It is a great value for money and great smart appliance to build up a smart kitchen.

Here’s why you should buy the best smart refrigerator at home:

Best Smart Refrigerator

What Is A Smart Refrigerator?

Before getting into the significance of a smart fridge, you should know what smart fridge is. You’ve probably heard about smart fridges, but it is actually more ingenious than you think.

A smart fridge comprises of numerous innovative features that make it greater than just a mere fridge. Updated technology certainly contributed to making these fridges better than ever.

A smart fridge is basically the type of fridge which has several built-in connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Along time, it has more features that nobody ever thought. Some of the fridges have a screen like television or smartphones.

Also, some of them have cameras inside. Although, it earned the “smart” tag for being able to be controlled distantly. Some of the best smart refrigerator can be connected through mobile apps which makes it easier to control the temperature and other stuff.

Another plus point of a smart fridge is you do not need to worry about running out of food. Some of the smart fridges have a specific feature that keeps track of the content within the fridge. So whenever you are doing grocery shopping list, you can check out what you need to buy.

Besides the best smart refrigerator with a camera provides an internal view of the fridge. As a result, it guides you to get an idea of what you are running out.

Buying the best smart refrigerator isn’t mandatory if you are okay with a normal fridge doing only normal functions. But if you want to enjoy some extra comfort in your life, you should get one.

What Can A Smart Refrigerator Do?

We have already mentioned pretty much everything that a smart fridge can do. The best smart refrigerator is intended to make your life easier. The overall resolution is to provide something more than a normal fridge. That means, not only making your food cold and freeze to preserve but also to help you get some extra facilities.

Smart Kitchen Technology

The most impressive part of buying the best smart refrigerator is, it features the best technology for this appliance. Like who thought one day we can watch videos on the fridge? Nobody even saw it coming to control their fridge with their smartphones. You can control your temperature, check the content of your fridge from far apart from your home.

Imagine you’re out grocery shopping and can’t remember what to buy. Quickly take out your phone and check your fridge content list. You can easily get to know which grocery item is missing in your fridge.

Or if you buy the best smart refrigerator with a camera, you can check it yourself on your phone. You do not even have to enlist the content list on your fridge. The best smart refrigerator with a screen brings about a revolutionary change.

Getting updated to the weather forecast from a fridge while having breakfast was never anticipated. Reminding you to get an umbrella for a rainy day seems really overwhelming. Although your smartphone or smart speaker can do this. But getting these facilities from a fridge is quite lit.

Besides, getting your morning brief or having a glance at the headlines is now easier. The tech revolution of the 21st century didn’t skip kitchen appliances. A smart fridge is the largest proof of that.

Energy Saving Appliances

The surprise doesn’t end here. It earned its name for another valuable reason. That is, most of the best smart refrigerator comprises of energy saving facility. So your electricity bill is far less than usual.

Even after you all these extra features than a normal fridge, you can save up to 30-70% electricity bill. So the best smart refrigerator is the true synonym of efficiency.

The inverter technology is behind this high efficiency of refrigerators. The usage of this technology on smart fridges helped to reduce the high electricity demand.

Also, this technology is far more eco friendly than a normal fridge. So you can help to promote a green environment just by buying the best smart refrigerator.

There are many other facilities you can get from a smart fridge depending on the model and brand. So check out our review section down below to learn more.

Best Smart Refrigerator

How Does A Smart Refrigerator Work?

You surely have figured out how smart fridges work by this time. A smart fridge is just a regular fridge with added features. It may be a screen, a camera or any other smart feature like energy saving functions, etc.

The most important thing it has is built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. This Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allows you to control your fridge remotely.

So whenever you are out of your home, you can maintain your fridge by changing the temperature. Even you can check out the grocery list if your fridge has a grocery registry. The only hassle is to update your fridge every time you take or keep something in the fridge.

This may seem troublesome, but if you can make this a habit, it will be beneficial for you.Another aspect of the best smart refrigerator is, they have the latest kitchen appliance technology. Your kitchen can be a smart kitchen with the presence of the best smart refrigerator at home.

It has inverter technology that helps to reduce the power usage at your home. Besides, it doesn’t do any damage to the environment. Because it contains the best alternative of CFC gas. The best smart refrigerator often contains an ice and water dispenser.

With it, you can get instant ice and sparkling water. Although you will need to install a carbon filler to the dispenser to get sparkling water. Other than those, the rest of the functions are similar to a normal fridge.

Best Smart Refrigerator

Why Smart Refrigerator?

We already said you do not need a smart fridge if you are okay with just a normal fridge. If you intend to get some extra facilities from your fridge, you must buy the best smart refrigerator.

Apparently, smart fridges are quite expensive depending on brand and models. But they are worth every penny if you can ensure the right use of the smart fridge.

Building A Smart Home

You are already aware of the diverse functionality of a smart fridge. The concept of a smart kitchen requires smart appliances. The best smart refrigerator is the most fundamental thing to build up a smart kitchen.

Their automatic functions will make your kitchen time more effortless and entertaining. Imagine cooking in your kitchen while watching TV.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? You may think it can be done by installing a TV in the kitchen. But in this small world, nobody has space in their kitchen to install an extra TV. Although the best smart refrigerator is far more functional than a bare TV. So having your own smart home isn’t impossible anymore.

Extra Features

There’s nothing new to talk about the extra feature. We have already talked about how versatile they are. Although not all the smart fridges have these functions.

Most of them have two to three features, but that is enough to blow your mind. Check out our detailed review down below to know about them specifically.

Many of you may think that the best smart refrigerator is nothing but a white elephant. But when you get to know the full use of it, you’ll realize you were wrong. At first, we also had a negative impression of buying a smart fridge.

But when we started to use them for testing purposes, we loved them. You will be astonished at how brilliant these kitchen appliances are. That is why we suggest you buy a smart fridge. You’ll get to know more in our review section.

Buying Guide For Best Smart Fridge

If a house is a solar system then the fridge is the sun. So buying the best fridge is important. Many of us have a tough time selecting the suitable fridge for our kitchen. Because not all the fridges on the market are 100% useful for us. So here is our detailed buying guide for buying the best refrigerator:


The size will entirely depend on the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you should opt for a small fridge. In that case, you should not buy any double for or french door model. Because even if you have a medium sized kitchen, a French door fridge will make it look like a cave.

Instead, you should opt for the classic versions or a single door fridge. That’s how your kitchen is going to look more spacious. On the other hand, if you have a large family, you should definitely choose a large fridge.


It would totally depend on how deep you want your fridge to be. There are three types of depth of fridges. They are- normal depth, extra depth and counter depth. Counter depth means the depth will be equal to an ideal breadth of your counter cabinet.

If you have a built in counter cabinet in your kitchen, you should choose a counter depth fridge. On the other hand, if you have a small kitchen, you should choose a normal depth fridge. If you have a large family and a large kitchen, you can buy an extra deep refrigerator instead.


Not all the large fridges have a roomy interior. Some of the fridges have more net capacity in spite of having a smaller size. Besides, the fridge should be organizing friendly.

So that you can easily organize the bowl according to its size. Extra drawers and cabinets mean more facility. So try to choose the ones with more drawers and compartments.

Energy Efficiency

You know a bad fridge can consume a lot of electricity. If you do not want to waste your money on paying the extra electric bills, you should buy a fridge that has energy star certification. Although most of the energy star models cost more, but they’re worth it.


Budget is a major issue while buying a refrigerator. Because the price range varies so much depending on the size and feature of a fridge. Set your budget first and look for the ones that remains in your budget.

Smart Features

Now a days, smart fridges are another name of next generation kitchen technology. If you want some extra facility from your fridge, you can look for fridges that have smart features.

Most of the time the smart fridges are quite expensive. So skip the smart fridges if you are running short of budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably your fridge has a faulty compressor that cannot work properly. As a result, your food doesn’t get cold as expected.

The first artificial fridge was invented by William Cullen in 1740.

If the budget is a problem, you shouldn’t go with smart fridges. But if budget is not a problem and you want a comfy life, go for it.

The basic task of a fridge is to keep your food cold. You can store, preserve and even prepare food in a fridge.

A faulty compressor will produce unusual noises.

It depends on the brand and model. Check out our reviews to know the price range.

Check out our “ What can a smart refrigerator do” section

Most of the time they are not environment friendly. But some of the high profile brands now make Eco friendly fridges.

Most of the time essential nutrients are lost due to keeping to food frozen.

Not actually. But there’s a chance if you keep that frozen for a very long time.

In Conclusion

So that’s everything you can know about buying a fridge. Go through our reviews and buying guide carefully to get the dream refrigerator at your home.

So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to buy a new one if you are exhausted with your old one. Tell us which one you chose for your kitchen!

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