VertuoPlus vs Evoluo: Which is the Best Espresso Machines

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An excellent cup of coffee in everyday breakfast will helps you to start a good day. To make a delicious coffee for everyday breakfast is a little bit tormenting. In this post, we will briefly discuss Nespresso VertuoPlus vs Evoluo comparison, features, pros, and cons.

Nespresso one of the leading brands of coffee machines makes it simple and easy. With the help of the machine, you can satisfy your craving with your favorite cup of coffee without going out from home.

Besides, you have many choices to pick when you are planning to get a Nespresso machine. However, Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Evoluo are two primary machines which can withstand all your desire. We will ensure you that end of the article, you will able to take the right decision.

Design of Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The simple design of Vertuo Plus like other Nespresso can easily capture the hearts of the coffee lover. The machine is made of plastic and its measure at 16.2×12.8×5.6 inches in dimension, not including the water tank.

The transparent plastic water reservoir comes with a lid and also has a low water indicator. Its 1.7-liter water storage is larger than the previous models. It can easily swivel out for an easy refill and easily fit into your countertop.

On top of the machine, you can find the start button. The button comes with three different colors light. You can also find the adjustable drip tray which can move into four different heights according to your cup size.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus weight is 11lb which lightweight and easy to handle. The 1350W machine works with 120V power supply. This model comes with two different color variants- grey and red.

Features & Functions of Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus design is one step future than the original Nespresso. Few features of this machine are much better than some expensive coffee maker.

The centrifusion extraction technology is Nespresso’s own technology and it spins the capsules for 7000 rotations per minute. These techniques help to blend the coffee and water precisely, presenting a perfect cup of unique taste and aroma.

The Vertuo Plus is sensible designed and robust. It functions in a different way relying on the barcode of the capsule will be used.

This barcode bears the brewing code of the particular coffee capsule. The machine decodes the barcode and robotically regulates the extraction settings.

Just pressing a single button, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without giving much effort. You can change the capsule and have an espresso or double espresso or as you like.

The Vertuo Plus capsules are a little bit expensive but it promises to provide a unique taste and fragrant aroma. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus present you ten different authentic taste espresso capsules and sixteen different freshly brewed coffees.

How It Works

The operating system of Nespresso Vertuo Plus is simple and easy. Even a Beginner who has any knowledge can easily operate the machine with the help of a user manual just pressing the start button.

In the beginning, you might face some issue to familiarize with the button lights. But after a few times later it is going to be your cup of tea for you. Two things you need to keep in your mind.

The water reservoir has an arm that can be rotated at the back of the machine. To remove the capsule container first you need to remove the water reservoir, and then slide it sideways the whole black part is the capsule container.

Maintenance of Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Maintenance of the Nespresso is quite easy and straightforward, although it is important to maintain the instruction properly. It helps to run the machines smoothly without facing any problem and also ensure the longevity of the coffee machine.

You don’t need to clean all parts of the Vertuo Plus, just the water reservoir, drip tray, the capsule container, and portafilter.

These parts need to be cleaned daily or every after use. After every use, you need to wipe out the exterior of the machine to keep clean. These cleanings take only 15 minutes.


  • Provide authentic taste coffee
  • The operating system is quite easy and straightforward
  • Heat up quickly and very convenient
  • Build-in high quality
  • Reliable for multi cups of coffee
  • Produced thick crema
  • Variety of coffee option
  • Has long water reservoir
  • Easy to clean


  • Capsules are a little bit expensive
  • Large capsule size takes up more storage
  • No milk option
  • Can’t you other brand capsules

Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso launched a newer version. The Nespresso Evoluo is well known newer version for both coffee and espresso maker. This energy savings coffee maker is an evolved model of Vertuo line. This efficient coffee maker can fit for more cups of coffee. You can get delicious coffee from this coffee maker.

Design of Nespresso Evoluo

This coffee machine is attractive for its gorgeous design. The dimensions of this product are 9 x 12.2 x 12.3 inches. Durable plastic body material makes it nice.

A large water reservoir is high that containing 54-ounce water. The water tank is removable. The water tank is BPA free. That provides you more coffee within 15-20 seconds. It has the simplest interfaces. This machine has just one button.

The impressive capsule is large which enables you to serve you 20 cups coffee. A built-in barcode reader is also in the machine. There is also a liver that can lock and unlock the machine for opening it up.

The weight of this machine is 5 kg(11 pounds). Power heating is 1600W. The cable length is 29.7 inches.

There is also centrifugation technology. Nespresso Evoluo adds an excellent extraction system of automatic blend recognition. Black, Titan, Graphite metal shiny red and silver color is available.

Features & Functions Of Nespresso Evoluo:

The gorgeous designed machine has some excellent features than the other Nespresso. This coffee machine can brew awesome, excellent coffee in less than 20 seconds. It can provide more cups of coffee. Nespresso Evoluo is made of high-quality plastic material.

Coffee capsules and coffee pods Evoluo are also compatible with all kinds of Nespresso. The water reservoir and capsule container have high durability and also sturdy. It is also easily detachable which makes it easier to refill.

Nespresso Evoluo also adds an excellent extraction system of automatic blend recognition. 1600W machine is effective for heating power. This machine can give more than 7000 rotation per minute.

Centrifusion technology certainly makes it more efficient. It creates a delicious coffee and espresso. Evoluo has just one button. Two pressing are needed to start working. The first press is for starting the pre-heating. The second press is for starting poring he coffee.

You should obviously keep some interval between the two presses. Different sizes of the coffee can get from this machine. Variation of sizes is Espresso (1.35oz), double Espresso (2.7oz), Alto (14oz), etc. A built-in barcode reader is also in the machine. You can select the strength of the coffee from light, bold roasted. Cleaning is easier.

There is available in a different color. Bonus features are milk frother, 12 pods, and an instructional manual.

How it works

Nespresso Evoluo’s operating system is very easy and comfortable. If the beginner has a little knowledge about the coffee maker, the beginner can use it to follow the user manual. This machine has only one button.

Two pressing are needed to start working. The first press is for starting the pre-heating. The second press is for starting poring he coffee.

You should keep the interval between two presses about 15-20 seconds. After sometime later you can get coffee. The water reservoir is easily detachable which makes it easier to refill too. Then you can remove the capsule container.

Maintenance of Nespresso Evoluo

Maintenance of the Nespresso is easy and comfortable. Moreover, it needs to maintain the instruction appropriately. Well, it helps to run the machines smoothly too.

You may not face any problem to follow the all instructions properly. It indeed ensures the longevity of the coffee machine. You have to need cleaning the water reservoir, drip tray, the capsule container, and portafilter.

Also, you should clean these parts regularly or every after use. You should wipe the machine with dry clothes too. This easy maintenance ensures the effectiveness of your machine. These cleanings take short time.


  • Different cup sizes to select
  • Durable centrifusion technology and one-touch operation
  • A huge capacity for water.
  • Easy to movable for its weight
  • Detachable water tank and container
  • Power savings too
  • Fast heating and easy to maintain
  • Can get auto shut up feature
  • Reasonable price


  • A separate milk frother has to use because Nespresso Evoluo cannot make milk-based coffee.
  • A few variations of flavor are available with Nespresso coffee pods.

VertuoPlus vs Evoluo

You may realize that both espresso engines might be incredible. Moreover, these machines can prepare great coffee. Although it’s quite essential to contrast the highlights and realizing the moments of contrasts.

Space of the water tank

A practical water vessel limit is an essential element for an espresso machine to be advantageous and productive. The problem that accompanies topping off the espresso creator after some espresso is irritating and time-squandering. So, we suggest you to get a miniature with a considerable tank limit.

Luckily, both Vertuo Plus and Evoluo accompany huge water repositories. Moreover, the ideal category of both espresso machines offers a 30 ml water tank limit.

Furthermore, the deluxe version of Nespresso Vertuo Plus offers an 1800 ml water tank limit.On the other hand, the deluxe version of Nespresso Evoluo offers a 1600 milliliters water tank limit.

Cup Sizes

You will find no surprises in case of finding any differences in ‘cup sizes’ between Vertuo Plus and Evoluo. Moreover, they gloat of gifting five brew size alternatives.

However, Vertuo Plus can prepare:

  1. An espresso
  2. Double-espresso
  3. Gran Lungo
  4. Coffee
  5. An alto

Additionally, Evoluo likewise prepares these five drinks. But remember that you will find few Evoluo machines just make a solitary shot of coffee.

Motorized Head

It is the significant variation between Vertuo Plus and Evoluo coffee machine. Moreover, a Vertuo Plus model comes apart with its mechanized head factor that gives the productive capacity to preparing your espresso.

Additionally, the mechanized head just lets you work the motor with a straightforward press button. It likewise penetrates the case as it closes, which means you won’t need to puncture the container by compelling the cover down physically.

Again, are you searching for a highly efficient coffee machine? Well, I will suggest taking Vertuo Plus. The mechanized head doesn’t influence the nature of your espresso; however, it manufactures the motor helpful by decreasing the issue of doing a few things physically. Accordingly, this component relies upon your inclination.

Heating Time

You may know that Nespresso engines are celebrated for their capacity to warm up quick than other ordinary coffee engines.

Furthermore, the Evoluo needs fourteen seconds to warm up thoroughly. On the other hand, the Vertuo Plus needs fourteen to twenty seconds to warm up thoroughly.

So, we can say that Evoluo is generally quicker when comparing with Vertuo Plus engine.


These espresso machines are moderately less expensive contrasted with full-size coffee machines. The moderateness weighs consummately with their computerization factors that are uncommon in other little measured coffee machines.

Moreover, both Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Evoluo machines’ costs are somewhat close; the distinction lies in your inclination and spending plan. Regularly the Evoluo machine is the pricier one; however it isn’t so pricier.


Whether you are interested to buy your first Nespresso machine or not, one thing that you will scarcely ever need to stress over is the usability as most are intended to offer primary activity.

Moreover, these two machines are sufficient confirmation of this as both give straightforward one-contact button tasks. Even better, there are not very numerous catches on the machines.

What you get is also unmistakably marked to guarantee that you comprehend what to press to make your espresso.

However, while these machines give basic catch controls that will give clients a simple time given their littler sticker price, you ought not to hope to get extravagant LED shows.

Actually, these are things that you can live without as they won’t influence the nature of espresso you get.

Capsule Container

When you drink a ton of espresso, you will experience numerous containers each other week; thus, your machine ought to give an advantageous technique for dealing with these spent cases.

Vertuo Plus as well as Nespresso Evoluo are worked with this in memory since the two of them have bigger spent container receptacles that can hold up seventeen utilized cases, which implies that a few clients can go in any event, for quite a long time before they have to discharge it.


Numerous espresso lovers are in every case exceptionally enthusiastic about the size of their espresso machine, and the reason behind this fact is that the kitchen counter space is in every case scant; thus you have to utilize what you have.

In the same way as other Nespresso machines, these two are smaller, lightweight, and versatile, and additionally, they will have a little footprint.

You may find some more differences in the controversy Vertuo Plus vs. Evoluo, which we have listed below:

  1. Evoluo takes into consideration various cup sizes with variations to set because of the removable dribble plate. But Vertuo Plus does not have a removable plate.
  2. Evoluo contains two pods. On the contrary, Vertuo Plus contains three pods.
  3. Vertuo Plus contains only one water tank. On the other hand, Evoluo contains 2 water vessels.
  4. By using the Vertuo Plus, you can manufacture5liquor sizes. On the contrary, Evoluo just has two beverage estimates yet can even now make five mix choices.
  5. Vertuo Plus accompanies a ton of shading variations than Evoluo.
  6. Evoluo is a little bigger when comparing with Nespresso Vertuo Plus.

Finally, one of the basic contrasts, even though it doesn’t influence the espresso quality, was the clamor creation. Users referenced that the Vertuo Plus was incredibly peaceful in contrast with different machines.

Final Verdict

Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Evoluo have some differences and similarities. These are mostly equal in quality and these coffee machines are not better than each other. Now the question arises about what we should buy. It depends on one’s taste and personal preference.

The Vertuo Plus is more preferable for automated and motorized options. It can save time. It`s looking fancy. So if you want high-tech machine, you will buy this.

The Evoluo is easier and comfortable to use and maintain. However, it offers some simple features. This provides excellent benefits for the user.

A larger water tank can provide you more coffee. This is swifter than the Vertuo Plus. If you are very eager for coffee daily in the morning, you can select the Evoluo.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Nespresso can make espresso coffees just like any espresso machine like Keurig. It can make coffee but Nespresso is actually made for making espresso shots.

You certainly can make tea in your Nespresso machine. If your Nespresso machine has a Lungo button, use this function to make your tea. Use 1 capsule for each cup of tea for best result.

Nespresso is indeed excellent in making espresso shots. The espresso is just as good as Keurig, so people really like it.

The Nespresso capsules are certified plant based with also some recyclable material, such as Aluminum. So you can tell Nespresso capsules are biodegradable after separating the recyclable element.

Nespresso can make espresso shots which you can obviously use to make latte. Although you will need some milk frother and other tools to make it perfectly?

Wrapping It Up

So there goes an in-depth comparison between Nespresso VertuoPlus vs Evoluo. Go ahead and buy whichever you find the most suitable. We hope you will certainly enjoy the result. Make some espresso with your Nespresso today! Happy Brewing!

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