Is A Silpat Dishwasher Safe? Know The Answer

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There are five basic needs where food is number one. So we need food to live in. We use different types of processes to make the food eatable. Sometimes we cook the food, sometimes we eat it raw and sometimes we bake it. To bake our food we use various elements and from all those elements Silpat is the very useful one. Possessing such popularity, one question that pops in everyone’s head is “Is a Silpat dishwasher safe?”

Before we get to the answer, we should know about Silpat. In our modern society, it is used both in the home’s kitchen and the bakery.

Because using it can save time, money, and the environment. Now, before answering the question we have known more information about it.

So we can find the answer steps by steps:

What is Silpat?

Silpat is basically a baking mat which is using for baking our foods. It has a short history that began in France.

In 1965 an experienced French baker named Guy Demarle came up with the idea of using it. He thought it will help him in a better way to prepare and bake baguettes. This mat became a revolution for the professional baker.

Besides, he became popular for his baking in France and his mat was also getting popularity. As it was the blueprint for all Silpat products that are used in today’s world.

Mr.Guy named it Silpat because of its unique manufacturing material and process. Silpat made of fiberglass mesh and the highest quality food-grade silicone.

So it sets the international standard in the pastry and bakery industries. The company is continuing the developing process of producing the mat.

Now we can use an eco-friendly mat for our cooking and baking. Besides, it still bears the “Made in France” stamp.

Types Of A Silpat

What Are The Different Types Of A Silpat?

There are different size of Silpat which are used for baking different types of food. Such as:

  • Baking Mat
  • Perfect Cookie Baking Sheet
  • Silpat Perfect Pretzel Baking Sheet
  • Macaron Mat
  • Silpat Microwave Baking Mat, etc.

The price of this mat varies from size and number which are starting from $14.19. Also, anyone can get it from an online or offline supermarket.

Why Should You Use A Silpat?

  • To get a better result in baking (home and industry)
  • In order to save our time
  • To save our environment: since it is made with better materials and it is reusable.
  • Easy to use and cleaning
  • No health issue: as it is made of food-grade silicone
  • No difficulty to store it

What Are The Alternatives To A Silpat?

Parchment paper can be used as an alternative to Silpat. People can use it in various aspects. Such as: 

  • They can use it as a baking sheet which will help them to bake things perfectly.
  • People can wrap fish and other dishes that are cooked en papillote.
  • The users of Parchment can use it to cover countertops during messy tasks.

Now let’s answer the question “Is a Silpat Dishwasher Safe?” after knowing what can use in the dishwasher and what not. Basically, the dishwasher is a machine that is using for washing our dishes automatically.

Check out our post on How does a dishwasher work to learn more about dishwashers.

Silpat Dishwasher

What Can You Use In A Dishwasher?

  • Users can clean plates, bowls, and mugs of ceramic. Though have to check the manufacturer recommendations before using it.
  • Silicone Baking Mats can be cleaned by the dishwasher automatically. On the other, people can see the label on Silpat that we can clean it in the dishwasher.
  • Users can clean Stainless steel and Pyrex mixing bowls where they have to be careful.
  • People can easily clean the stoneware baking dishes but before that please the recommendations.
  • They can put cutter board, scrub brushes, and many metal bakeware into it.
  • Microwave turntables can be cleaned by the dishwasher.
  • Different types of home decor can be cleaned by the dishwasher.
  • Some grooming tools such as hairbrushes and combs, facial scrub brushes, manicure and pedicure tools, etc can be put into it for cleaning.
  • People can clean some of the toys of their kids.
  • Users can clean different types of bathroom accessories. Like: Soap Dishes and Toothbrush Holders, Rubber Tub Mats, Shower Poofs, Sponges, and Brushes, etc.

What Can’t You Clean In A Dishwasher?

  • Don’t use anything made of Wood.
  • Don’t use cast iron and aluminum cookware.
  • Stay away from using copper or other precious metals.
  • Don’t clean nonstick cookware in a dishwasher.
  • There are certain types of plastic items that we cannot use in the dishwasher.
  • Don’t clean kitchen knives in a dishwasher.
  • Anything that has chances to break.
Silpat Dishwasher

Is A Silpat Dishwasher Safe?

There are many ways of cleaning Silicon baking mats such as using extremely hot water and grease-fighting dish soap, baking soda, lemon juice, and dishwasher.

On the other, we get some information that silicone baking mats can be cleaned by the dishwasher. Besides, we know that Silpat consists of a unique type of silicone.

Therefore, we can easily say that Yes, we can use a dishwasher to clean Silpat. But we have to check the label before cleaning it. 

Process Of Cleaning

At first, try to roll those mats and place them on the top rack of the dishwasher. Secondly, fill up the dishwasher with other dirty dishes.

Lastly, run the dishwasher in a normal cycle. After that, the mats will be significantly less oily or completely oil-free.

Our Verdict

In the final analysis, we can see that the use of Silpat is increasing in our modern society. Since people are much busier than in the past and it helps to save time.

Because in the present day, technology is improving day by day. Where people are starting to use it even in their kitchen and the dishwasher is one of the examples of it.

Here people can clean their used or dirty Silpat mat easily. On the other, Silpat helps to improve baking in both the home and baking industries.

Also, it is not harmful to our environment as the manufacturing company is always concern about it. Besides, it has no harmful effect on health.

Because Silpat consists of fiberglass mesh and the highest quality food-grade silicone. So there you go, the answer to “Is a Silpat dishwasher safe?”. To summarize, the answer is yes, you can!

From now you won’t have to worry about your Silpat getting dirty, the dishwasher will come to rescue. Grow your baking passion with a Silpat & stay mess free! Happy baking.

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