How to use Gevi Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

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On a cozy morning, you wake up from sleep and might need a cup of hot coffee to refresh yourself. How would you feel if your coffee machine stops working at that time? Then, you might decide to make coffee by putting a water pot on a stove and allow it to boil. The process is a bit lengthy, right? We know how troubling it can be. What’s the solution, then? 

Bring a new coffee maker with grinder at home that can save your brew time and also helps you prepare a cup of delicious coffee in minutes. From our experience, we recommend you to use Gevi Grind and Brew coffee machine from various types of coffee machines in that circumstances. It is an affordable option that can also add style and luxury to your modern kitchen. Also, Gevi follows an easy way to prepare coffee for your peace of mind.

But many people don’t understand how a grind and brew coffee maker works. Before you become out of clue about how to use it, let us help you regarding its use. In this article, we are describing on how to use gevi grind and brew coffee maker:

How To Use Gevi Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

Using Coffee Machine With Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are essential items to prepare your coffee. If you want to make coffee with them, follow the given steps:

Step 1: At first, enable the coffee machine by plugging in the power cord. Uncover the bean box and check out if it is dry inside and check if they are fresh beans. Put the coffee beans into the box. Make sure you are adding exactly the amount of coffee beans that you need. Otherwise, the rest of the beans might get damp overnight. Then, close the bean box cover firmly so that air doesn’t enter into it. 

Step 2: In the next step, open the cover of the water tank and fill water in it. Find a water level on the tank and fill water according to that mark. Try not to go beyond the Mark 10 to avoid flowing out of water. Open the funnel container by pressing the funnel-open button. Put the funnel assembly carefully into the funnel container and close it firmly. 

Step 3: Press the “Powder 2-10 button” so that you can decide the required cups of coffee. This is a 10-cup coffee maker. So you can choose from 2 to 10 buttons. There is a knob which you can turn to adjust the thickness of your coffee powder. It is better to turn the knob to the middle position to control the flow speed of the coffee. 

Step 4: Then, you can pick your coffee strength from the strength settings. Press “STRENGTH CONTROL” and choose any of the three different kinds: MILD, MEDIUM and STRONG. However, the MILD option is in the machine as a default setting.

Step 5: Press the “ON/OFF” button to start the process. Initially, the grinding of the beans will happen and then heating will start, resulting in making of the coffee. Once water in the tank is over, a buzzer will notify you by making a sound 3 times. To drink your coffee warm, it is better to have it within a while.

Do’s and Don’ts While Using Coffee Beans

  • Be cautious of preventing water reaching the bean box by any means.
  • Avoid using any damp or overnight coffee beans.
  • Don’t forget to clean the left-over coffee beans after each use.
  • Try to clean the bean box with a dry towel.
  • Consider filling water by looking at the given marks of the machine body.
  • Avoid exceeding the Mark 10 so that water doesn’t overflow.
  • Press the funnel container door harder if it gets stuck.
  • Don’t bother if there is any noise while grinding beans. It is the outcome of crushing coffee beans.

Using Coffee Machine With Coffee Powder

Alternatively, you can make coffee in the Gevi machine with coffee powder. Take a look at the following steps to make coffee with coffee powder:

Step 1: At first, plug in the power cord to switch on the machine. Pour water into the water reservoir. Then, use the carafe to fill up water in the right amount.

Step 2: Press the funnel-open button to open the funnel container. Put the water filter and filter assembly into the funnel and funnel container respectively. Ensure the alignment of the funnel tube with the funnel container.

Step 3: In this step, you have to add coffee powder into the filter. Don’t overfill it and keep the funnel cover into the funnel container. Close the funnel container firmly with care.

Step 4: There is a “GRIND OFF” button on the body of the coffee maker. Press it and you will find the illumination of the indicator. After that, choose your desired coffee strength by pressing “STRENGTH CONTROL.” You have three different options: MILD, MEDIUM and STRONG. If you don’t select any, the coffee maker will prepare a mild coffee for you under the default mode.

Step 5: Then, press the “ON/OFF” button to begin the coffee making process. Once the water in the water tank is over, the buzzer will make a sound for 3 times. The prepared coffee will remain warm for 2 hours if you don’t unplug the power cord. But we suggest drinking within an hour to get your coffee hot. 

Do’s and Don’ts While Using Coffee Powder

  • Avoid exceeding the Mark 10 while filling in water.
  • Never put the carafe on the warm plate.
  • If you find it difficult to close the funnel container door, press it harder vertically a couple of times to reset the button.
  • Add a maximum of 10g coffee power to have a better taste in your cup of coffee. Also, we recommend making not more than 6 cups of coffee at a time. However, if you take mild coffee, you can consider preparing 10 cups.
  • In the case of making a strong cup of coffee, use less water and add more powder than you use in mild coffee.

Final Words

Coffee is fun to drink. And, it becomes even more enjoyable for a coffee lover without taking less hassle to prepare. With a convenient design, Gevi coffee maker with grinder is arguably an ideal option to make flavorful coffee on a regular basis. But sometimes, coffee drinkers get confused with the working method of a new coffee machine. So for your ease of understanding, we explained two different ways in our Gevi grind and brew coffee maker review. Now it’s time to cheer up your mind with a fresh coffee. Have fun!

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