How To Use A KitchenAid Hand Beater: A Step-by-Step Guide

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KitchenAid is a popular brand known for producing quality kitchen tools and devices. They always come up with innovative products to make our kitchen life more manageable and enjoyable. With their line of hand beaters, KitchenAid has placed itself on top of the best products yet again.

Most KitchenAid products are built to provide quality performance and long-term use. Given their solid structure, a KitchenAid hand beater is ergonomic to use and does the trick effectively.

Also, hand beaters are an alternative option for sturdier stand mixers; they still have their advantages you can definitely rely on. If you’re on the search for the best hand mixer, look no more. KitchenAid provides a wide array of products ideal for all your kitchen needs.

But before deciding which KitchenAid hand beater to purchase, here’s a quick overview of how to use them effectively.

Improper use of any device or tool won’t give you satisfactory results, no matter how expensive and top-of-the-line your beater may be.

Setting Up your Hand Mixer

Setting up your KitchenAid hand beater is important prior to use. This ensures you prepare the device well for its intended purpose.

Here’s how to set up your KitchenAid hand beater

  1. Choose which attachment or accessory to use with your handheld beater. Most KitchenAid hand beaters come with different accessories for all your mixing needs.
  2. Insert the accessory or attachment with collar into the larger hole of your mixer. Ensure that the flanges are aligned on the shaft and push to lock in place.
  3. Take another accessory without a collar and attach it into the smaller hole of the mixer. Push to lock and keep in place.

Speed Controls

Operating the speed controls of the KitchenAid hand beater is not a complicated process.

Here’s how to do it

  1. Plugin your mixer into the electrical outlet.
  2. Slide or press the power switch (I) and choose 1. This is your initial speed, and it turns on your device automatically. Some hand beater models include an indicator light for you to be guided accordingly.
  3. Slide the arrow or button further to reach the succeeding speed. Gradually increase the speed until you reach your desired level. Gradually decrease the level as well if you want to bring it back to its initial speed.
  4. To turn off, gradually decrease speed to (O) level. Unplug your mixer and store it properly.

Benefits of Using a KitchenAid Hand Beater

Although hand beaters do not get the job done as conveniently as stand mixers, there are still many factors that make these simple tools a kitchen must-have.

  • Affordable A KitchenAid hand beater is generally more affordable and cost-efficient. Most mixers are priced at $30-$50, with great quality and additional accessories, these mixers provide a better value for your money.
  • Portable and Easy to Store Most handheld beaters come with containers and pouches for convenient storage. You can keep them securely even when you have limited space. Stand mixers occupy a bit of space in the cupboard. Thus, for limited kitchen areas, handheld mixers are more practical.
  • Convenient A KitchenAid hand beater is straightforward to use. Setting it up is simple and quick so that you can proceed with your mixing right away. You can also use any bowl available, no need to find that specific bowl you only can use for your stand mixer.
  • Easy to Clean Since handheld beaters snap off easily, you can clean them conveniently using dish soap. As for the mixer itself, you can wipe it off quickly with a damp cloth or paper towel.


A KitchenAid hand beater is an easy-to-use kitchen tool that does the job well. It’s a staple every kitchen should have for easy and quick mixing purposes.

Aside from affordability, a handheld beater does not require complicated steps to set up. You can just grab it and use it conveniently to prepare all your tasty treats and savory meals.

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