How to make pour over Melitta Drip Coffee

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It is fair enough that you can’t think of spending your day without your proper doses. Coffee drinkers are often very meticulous about their coffee. Personally, I’ve come across enough such people. If you are starting to become like them, then you ought to know yours. Here I’ll tell you about how to make pour over Melitta Drip Coffee. If you know your stuff, you’d know what’s odd about it.

What Is Pour Over Coffee and What Is Drip Coffee

How the coffee is prepared determines what good a coffee it can be. Pour over method is more popular that drip for obvious reasons. The pour over method is famous because it creates a more flavorful cup of a brew.

People, who like black coffee more, prefer the pour over method more because you get full control over your pouring styles. Therefore, you can manipulate the taste.

In contrast, the drip method the self explanatory process of making coffee with the coffee maker which simply drips down the coffee into your mug and does the brewing for you.

Here are some important difference between pour over and drip method

Plug-in brewing can be a fast method for your busy lives. But, pour over method is something you better learn, because the taste will really make a difference in more than one way.

Cost: Drip brewers that give you the quality of pour over brewing will cost you over two hundred dollars. If you learn to do it by hand, the cost can be as low as sixty to thirty dollars.

Time: It takes you a few minutes with the kettle in your hand as you’re the liquid as you please. You can set a timer on most drip brewers to have your coffee ready by the time you need.

But, with one serious back drop; because the dripping coffee will lose heat as it waits in the cup which causes a negative impact on your coffee quality. It may cost a little time but, pour over are the way if you want the coffee fresh and hot with just the right taste.

Durability: Any pour over you can get in the market are made of one or two parts made of glass, metal, or plastic. If you keep it clean and take good care of it, it will last you your lifetime.

So, I hope you’re clear about the subtle differences between the two. Now, we’re moving on to the brewing business.

How to make Pour Over Melitta Coffee

Pour over coffee methods are actually pretty simple. You can get the Melitta Pour Over Cones from the stores. The making process will be much quicker as well as the cleaning process. The taste is on another level.

Well then, here is the list of ingredients for you to start the process

  • Melitta Pour Over Cone (plastic or porcelain)
  • Paper filter (#2 cone filters)
  • Prime Roast coffee, ground medium fine for a paper filter (#5 grind on an industrial grinder)
  • Hot water and
  • Your favorite Coffee mug

It will take around 5-8 minutes and you’ll have your results. Just follow these steps

  1. Put the filter on: Put the filter in the cone and place it on top of the coffee mug.
  2. Measure out the coffee: Measure exactly 2 tablespoon of coffee ground medium fine per 8 oz water and disperse it inside the cone.
  3. Boil the water: Boil water and then let it sit 2-3 minutes. Too hot water will make the coffee bitter. 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature of water for good coffee.
  4. Pour the hot water over: Pour the hot water straight into the cone over the coffee till you see it becoming saturated. Then, let it bloom for 30 seconds. Start pouring water again in a circular motion until cone is filled. Kettles are great to keep balance while pouring. Basically, the slower you pour the hot water, the bolder and richer your cup of Joe will taste like.
  5. Remove the cone: Remove cone from mug and enjoy!


So, now you know how to make pour over Melitta Drip Coffee and you know even more. You know how you can start your sophisticated coffee like with the pour over method so that you can make the most of your fine and fancy coffee grains. Hopefully, now you can have a tastier start to your mornings if you just wake up 10 minutes earlier.

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