How to make good iced coffee with keurig

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Everyone enjoys that one specific thing about their coffee. Therefore, you ought to gather just the right things and follow the right procedures to get that final taste. For now, I am just going to fill you in with all the secrets to know how to make good iced coffee with keurig.

Additionally, I’ll have you know a little more to be great at what you’re good at. So, how do you like your coffee? Much to my knowledge, you like it iced.

Christmas has passed and summer is about to sweep the ice from the streets so, it makes perfect sense why you’re preparing for icing the coffee mugs.

All about keurig

Keurig makes reliable beverage brewing systems for home and commercial places. Did you know that this American manufacturing company is actually called Kerig Dr Pepper. So, they know what they are doing. Besides, Keurig has really gone through the test of time.

Keurig, Inc. was founded at Massachusetts in 1992. It took those 6 years to develop and launch their first brewers and K-Cup pods. Today they are the third largest beverage company in North America. That, my dear readers, did not happen with a clumsy effort.

The Keurig Vue has won the best all-around award under Best Single-Serve Coffeemakers in 2013. They also won Gold in 2013 Edison Awards for Consumer Packaged Goods under Beverage Preparation.

U.S. 500 Most Valuable Brands, Food and Beverage Innovators Award and Most Recommended Single Serve Pod Coffee Maker Women’s Choice Award was added to the hall of fame in 2014.

Safe tosay, Keurig is one of the best brands there is for coffee today assured by the experience of the manufacturer.

A recipe for the cold coffee

A well-made cold coffee in summer mornings ensue a vibrant and refreshing start of a day. Also, you can enjoy it at home or, at work or, even on your way from home to work you can get a decent container.

What you will need to make that perfect cup of coffee are a set of ingredients and the right tools to work with. Keurig offers you all the right tools you need all in one maker and some side gadgets. But, the ingredients have to be gathered by your self-motivation.

How sophisticated are you about your coffee? That is a question which is very important. Because, I have come across people who can talk for hours, about how terrible the coffee tasted and how it should have been, right after they are done with it.

Anyways, here are the stuff that you should gather up before start the mix

  • Good Quality Coffee Beans
  • 1/2 cup sugar (or as much as you like)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (Optional)
  • 1 coffee cup

Tip (for home): Brew the coffee the night before using coffee beans. That way, it will come to room temperature by the morning ready to be iced.


  • First, add the sugar and a cup of water in a medium sized saucepan over medium heat.
  • Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Cool down the syrup and stir in the vanilla extract. (Optional)
  • First pour in a few blocks of ice in the coffee cup.
  • Then pour in the Coffee Syrup on the ice gently to fill it.
  • Serve and sip

(Note: Some people like it the in a zesty way. You can take the syrup and ice and put it in a clean blender to make a cold coffee smoothie if you desire)

How Keurig Changes The Game

 The Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker is their latest and widely popular coffee maker you can get in over a 100 Dollar. It comes in a brushed gold color and can prepare 8 cups of coffee on command. So, you can make 8 cups of coffee for your friends or have it all all-day all by your-self.

Instructions to make ice cold coffee with Keurig K-Elite

  • Give electrical connection
  • Then, press start button to start the machine.
  • Lift the handle bar to open the shield to place the K-cup
  • After placing the K-cup, close the shield
  • Just press the button that serves cold coffee
  • Make sure you have the coffee cup placed underneath the hole.
  • Voila, wait for less than ten seconds to see you coffee pouring down on the mug.

This amazing little box of genius will brew your coffee for you. It can prepare your coffee bold, mild, decaf or flavored. You can choose from hundreds of delicious varieties of K-Cup pods to brew your coffee. It has a set of cool programmable features.

Of course, it has a feature that serves you icy cold coffee in just the perfect way you like. You don’t even have to go through the hassle of breaking out the ice.


Keurig claims that they are one of the leading brand who are trusted by over 75 of the world’s best beverage brands. That is a bold claim. You would know if that is true if you had used their products before.

Keurig products are well made products that have reliable performance and are very good value for the money. Cold, hot, strong or vibrant, Keurig offers you all the variety of the coffee cuisine.

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