How To Julienne Vegetables With A Food Processor

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Julienne is one type of knife technique where food is cut into ideal pieces to eat. This is a classic but time consuming process to have fruits and vegetables mostly. On a busy day, when you need to prepare food hurriedly, a food processor becomes useful in that case. 

A food processor is a handy appliance in your kitchen to minimize the cooking time. Also, it adds consistency by julienning food into pieces to save your time and energy. But what if you are not aware of how to julienne vegetables with a food processor? Don’t worry. In this article, we will show you the working method of the processor to julienne vegetables. 

How To Julienne Vegetables With A Food Processor

  • Choose Fresh Raw Vegetables

First of all, purchase the vegetables that you want to julienne. Choose fresh and raw vegetables to get the best taste in your meal. 

Wash Properly

Next, take a large bowl and put all the vegetables in it. Wash all of them with clean water in the sink. 

  • Chop Vegetables

Then, put the vegetables one by one on the chopping board. Use a paring knife or a culinary knife for accomplishing the chopping tasks and get rid of the ends of some common items like broccoli, zucchini, carrot pieces, celery, cabbage pieces and others. If any vegetable requires peeling, use a vegetable peeler. Also, make sure to cut off the unwanted parts with your paring knife.

  • Add Vegetables To Processor

After julienning vegetables, switch on the processor. Then, plug it in and open its lid. You can put all the vegetables together or separately in your food processor. If you want a mixed vegetables salad, we suggest adding all of them at one time. 

  • Switch On The Processor

After that, check out if the lid encloses the vegetables inside properly or not. In fact, you can have a look at the instruction manual for a better understanding of the overall process. Fix the setting based on how you want to cut the vegetables. Then, turn on the processor. Make sure to put one hand on the food processor button during the process. And, put your other hand on the lid of the food processor.

  • Serve Your Food

When the process is complete, turn off the food processor. Remove the lid and take a look at whether the vegetables are in desired thickness and size. If you need more fine julienning, put the lid back on it and repeat the process. Finally, use a spoon and a rubber spatula to bring out the vegetables from the processor. Wash it thoroughly with clean warm water. 

What Is the Right Size of Julienned Vegetables?

Julienning vegetables is one of the basic kitchen tasks of modern day kitchens. But still, many people find it difficult to julienne them into the right size. The ideal size of julienned vegetables is around 2-3 meters in length and 1/16 to 1/8 inch in thickness. To get the right size of these little matchstick vegetables, we suggest adopting basic knife skills like using a dominant hand to control the knife. In contrast, use your other hand as a guide to the knife. 

Moreover, ensure using your fingertips to hold the firm vegetable so that it doesn’t move while chopping them off. At first, go slowly with the knife. Once you are comfortable with the process, start cutting the vegetables in a smooth motion.

Final Words

A food processor is nowadays a powerful option in your kitchen to julienne vegetables on a busy day. If you have less time to prepare your meal, a food processor helps you complete your common kitchen tasks quickly. No matter what the quantities of vegetables are, a food processor makes your life easier than ever.

So what’s the delay? As now you know how to julienne vegetables in a food processor, it’s time for you to get familiar with this handy appliance. So cook your meal in a convenient way and save your time and energy. Best of luck!

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