How To Fix Undercooked Rice In Microwave [Kitchen Tips]

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Taking on a simple look, cooking rice is not as simple as we think. We tend to have a hard time whenever we try to cook the perfect rice. Overcooked or undercooked rice is quite a tough job to fix but still doable. Let’s see how to fix undercooked rice in microwave.

How To Fix Undercooked Rice In Microwave

Despite both seem to be tough, fixing undercooked rice is easier than fixing overcooked rice. Still, you can make things even worse by attempting to fix undercooked rice in the wrong way.

For example, A messed up attempt to fix undercooked rice can make it overcooked, or even make it mushy keeping the core still uncooked.

You can follow different ways to fix this, but personally, we actually like to fix it in either rice cooker or microwave oven. If we cook our rice in a rice cooker, then we try to fix the rice in the very same pot. That way avoid doing more dishes with less chance of messing up.

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However, if you cook your rice on the stovetop, the microwave oven is actually the best solution to fix it. Because a microwave oven will ensure even cooking to the core, thus making the rice just perfect.

You can get either fluffy rice or some soft boiled rice, the microwave will be your friend!

So let’s dig into the tutorial

Step 1

The first step is to determine how undercooked your rice is. There are certain levels of your rice being cooked, like it might be 50% or even 90%. If you don’t know the level, you may end up with overcooked rice. So determine carefully.

Step 2

Now you have determined the doneness of your rice, check how much liquid is there in the pot. Give your rice a gentle stir and check if there is any liquid under the pot.

If not, add some more liquid according to the doneness level of your rice and stir it once again to moisten up the rice.

Remember, you must be pretty gentle with the rice as vigorous stirring may break the rice grains and make it all mushy. Try to use a soft rubber spatula and fold the rice carefully.

Step 3

Now you’re all set. Put a lid on the pot and put it in the microwave. The power setting and time will depend entirely on your microwave oven.

In our opinion, 2 minutes is pretty much enough to finish cooking on 70% cooked rice. You can make the time 5 minutes for 50% cooked rice or 1 minute for 90% cooked rice.

Step 4

Take out the pot and gently stir it again to fluff up the rice and serve it! That’s how you can fix your undercooked rice effortlessly.

There’s another hack that we tried out and we liked the result. Take your undercooked rice and carefully place it in a microwave safe pot.

Strain the rice if any liquid is present. You should really make sure that the rice is still moist.

Now take a kitchen towel and damp it with water. Place the damp towel on top of the rice and put on the lid. Now cook it for 2-3 minutes on the highest setting on your microwave.

Take the rice out, be careful because the paper towel will be extremely hot. Remove the kitchen towel and fluff it up with a rubber spatula and enjoy your perfectly cooked rice.

If you want to cook the rice for fried rice you won’t actually have to cook all the way through. 90% will be perfect for the perfect fried rice.

In Conclusion

So that’s how to fix undercooked rice in microwave. Try this method every time you fail to cook the perfect rice. Let us know if you liked this kitchen hack in the comment section. Until then, happy cooking!

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  1. Hi Brianna! Thanks for reading our post. We have mentioned using a microwave safe pot in the fourth step. Using metal pots in microwave is not safe and we would never suggest that. Using a microwave safe pot is always implied whenever the recipe involves a microwave oven. We hope you understand.

  2. Worked great! I used a glass, pyrex bowl, moistened the rice a bit with water, put a damp paper towel on top of the bowl, and then placed a glass plate, upside down, on top of the paper towel. I microwaved it three times at two minute intervals. It worked wonderfully! Thank you!

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