How To Cream Butter And Sugar With A Hand Mixer

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Baking is one type of art in the modern day kitchen. So many delicious recipes require proper baking to taste them. Here comes the importance of creaming where the incorporation of butter with sugar takes place. Anyone can do it with their own hands. But do you know how to cream butter and sugar with a hand mixer? 

In case you don’t, it is high time you should gather some ideas about it. Creaming is an essential part of making any type of cookie or cake. So if you are fond of them, you simply can’t ignore learning this trick. Now, this guide will walk you through the brief explanation of how to use a hand mixer for the creaming process. Let’s start:

Cut Butter Into Cubes

First of all, start with cutting the fresh butter into small cubes. Make sure to take softened butter for cutting. 

Add Sugar  

Secondly, put the softened cubes of butter in a large mixing glass bowl. Then, add sugar in the right amount to the butter. We suggest using brown sugar since it adds flavor to the baking mixture and is less refined than white sugar.

Beat the Mixture

In this creaming step, combine them and beat. Firstly, make the mixture with a wooden spoon. Then, beat the butter-sugar mixture properly to trap the air pockets. Remember to keep a lower setting in the room temperature. And, beat the mixture at a medium speed for around 30 seconds to have a satisfactory structure in the baked items. That will allow the butter to be whipped and creamy.    

Increase The Beating Speed

In this step, set the beating speed of your mixer to medium range. Then, again start beating the mixture for 1-2 minutes. Wait until it turns smooth, and shows streaks of butter with a fluffy texture. Also, scrape down the bowl sides with a rubber spatula periodically.

Finally, after some time, the mixture will turn into yellowish-white color which means the creaming process is successfully complete.

Why Use Softened Butter To Cream Butter and Sugar?

Many people make the mistake of using chilled butter to cream butter and sugar. But the process hampers the structure of the baked structure. It is difficult to break down chilled butter and it also doesn’t blend with sugar properly. On the other hand, you can easily beat soft butter. And, it bakes into a soft and greasy item which is ideal for baking.

Tips To Cream Butter And Sugar Perfectly

The creaming method of butter and sugar might look like an easy task. However, there are some crucial things to follow while making the mixture of sugar and cubed butter. Otherwise, you might end up undermixing or overmixing the ingredients. As a result, your whole process will turn into a mess. 

Use Butter Coming Up To Room Temperature 

The most crucial creaming step is to use room temperature butter that is softened as well. If it is too soft, your puddle will be greasy. And, if you use cold butter, the mixture will be chunky. 

Cream Till The Mixture Becomes Smooth

This creaming stage requires creaming for a sufficient period to have a smooth sugar and butter mixture. The mixture will become flat and gritty if you don’t cream correctly whereas overdoing the creaming process can make it deflated and separated. With proper creaming skills,  cream till you find it smooth enough to bake.

Avoid Overmixing Butter And Sugar

Overmixing butter and sugar is a common mistake that almost everyone makes while creaming. If you also do so, better start a new batch instead of continuing with over-creamed butter. Because it is quite impossible to make amends to that mistake. 

Final Words

So that’s all from us today. We hope our blog on how to cream butter and sugar with a hand mixer will be helpful for you. Many make little but costly mistakes while creaming these two ingredients. So their mixture turns either too hard or too soft. And, such a mixture is no longer usable for baking. Now, you know all the tricks of creaming butter and sugar, it’s time to make a delicious item by yourself. Good luck!

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