How Much Does An Air Fryer Cost

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As you’re reading this post, you’ve probably never shopped for an air fryer, but now you’re planning to get one. Among all these available brands & models, there are high end, mid-budget & low budget air fryers with different price ranges.

The price ranges might seem confusing to you, the mid-budget models of some brands are way more expensive than the high end models of some other brand. So the question is, how much does an air fryer cost? To know the answer to this question, read on—

How Much Does An Air Fryer Cost

An air fryer is quite an essential item in any kitchen. This appliance doesn’t need any introduction, its magical function has already made it popular among food enthusiasts. We already know its uses & health benefits, deep frying foods by using a minimum amount of oil makes it matchless from other appliances.

Anyways, an air fryer was pretty expensive in the past, even the basic versions were sold at 500-600 dollars before. But those days are over, the prices have been decreased along with the introduction of new technology & features.

The basic versions of air fryers cost 50-200 dollars, depending on the brand. The price range is affected by added features or high specifications, the high end models may cost you somewhere between 300 to 500 dollars.

There are also some smart versions of air fryers that cost even more. To summarize, you can get a decent quality air fryer within 300 to 400 dollars.

Why You Should Buy An Air Fryer

When we think of an incredibly useful kitchen gadget, an air fryer is probably the first thing that pops into our minds. There are plenty of advantages to owning an air fryer. So let’s check out why exactly you should get an air fryer—

  • Food created by air fryers doesn’t taste greasy, rather fantastic.
  • Air fryers, while still creating a crisp texture on the outside, keep the food from being dry on the inside.
  • Air fryers quickly cook food.
  • For the fried food enthusiast, owning an air fryer offers comfort that is unmatched by any other kitchen gadget.
  • The method of “frying” food in an air fryer is much easier and much more economical compared to a pan of oil.
  • An air fryer is really user-friendly and typically comes with a simple timer, so users can walk away without thinking about splattering gasoline, grease fires, or burning from the frying food.
  • Air fryers can be washed easily and managed easily. Most pieces are disassembled and safe for dishwashing.
  • Air fryers generate food that is extraordinarily healthier than fried foods historically.
  • This appliance cooks food that doesn’t lose the actual taste. It uses up to eighty percent less fat than oil-fried foods.
  • You can also use air fryers to cook items such as muffins and cupcakes, or to roast chicken as well. You can use air fryers to cook a number of different foods in different ways.
  • It’s better to use air fryers than traditional fryers.

Best Air Fryer Buying Guide

Air fryers still are recent arrivals to the industry, and a lot needs to be taken into consideration. Start with a budget, we suggest. You’re going to want to think about how much you spend on an air fryer.

These products will cost between $50 and several hundred dollars, so matching your expenditure with the options you want is crucial.

Ask yourself before you hit the kitchen store:

  • How large an air fryer am I going to need?
  • Do I want choices for presets?
  • How about additional properties?

The answers, including the guidance and experience of our review team, will help you choose the right product for your house. Before purchasing one for yourself, make sure to check these points—

Size & Capacity

These products usually have a capacity of between two and eight quarters, and since it’s crucial not to overload the basket while you cook, you’ll also want to know about just how much food you intend to fit inside it.

You’ll definitely want a bigger air fryer if you’ve been cooking for your family or having a family dinner, though one- or two-person households can get away with a smaller size. Remember, furthermore, that as greater the size, the larger the unit, and the more storage space it takes up.

Preset Functions

Gone are the days that people had to memorize the temperature & time for each dish. Because most of the air fryers offer preset functions for many dishes. Depending on the models, an air fryer may have different numbers of preset functions.

Try to choose the product that has the highest number of preset functions. Because these preset functions will make your cooking a lot easier. Smart air fryers usually have a lot of them, so you can consider getting one too.

Added Features

Depending on the brand & model, some air fryers have some additional features that make them more than just a mere air fryer. For example, some air fryers also have a dehydrator option. This will make excellent beef jerky or dehydrated fruit.

Also, some air fryers can work as a toaster oven to handle your everyday cooking. You can grill or bake anything in it. So when you’re shopping for air fryers, make sure to keep that in mind.


The wattage is yet another crucial thing to consider. This is a literal game changer for choosing the perfect air fryer. Because the price range will largely depend on the wattage specification of your air fryer. Also, the functionality of your air fryer will depend on its wattage.

Usually, an air fryer has a wattage specification of 800-1200 watts. But there are some air fryers that have even more wattage, up to 1500 watts. Usually, larger air fryers need more wattage. Plus the wattage specification can determine how hot your air fryer can get.

If you have a lower budget, you can choose an air fryer with a medium wattage specification. But we won’t suggest getting an air fryer with a low wattage spec. Because it will take forever to cook your food. Choose the highest wattage specification that you can buy within your budget.

Price Range

The price range of the air fryer is the last but not the least thing that you should consider. The features & specifications of your air fryer will largely depend on your budget. You can’t expect to get high end features from a low budget air fryer.

It’s not that low budget air fryers are bad, but the features & specification will be pretty shabby. Plus, it will not be embellished with a lot of preset functions with other facilities. Also, the price range will affect the size of your air fryer too.

Try to secure the most features & specifications under your budget. For that, you’ll need to research the market properly. If you want to buy the best air fryer within a budget range, check out our posts on best air fryer reviews and air fryers under 100 dollar and make a choice!

Wrapping It Up

So that’s everything for today, I hope you’ve got your answer to “How much does an air fryer cost?” As you can see, air fryers are not that expensive, you can get an air fryer in a budget range too. Buy one today and enjoy fat free deep fried foods. Enjoy!

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