How Does A Dishwasher Work For Your Kitchen

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Being the magical appliance that it is, the dishwasher is the ultimate savior of our everyday life. Nobody wants to wash the dishes after having a meal. Doing the dishes seem more exhausting than cooking the meal. So getting a dishwasher is the ultimate solution. But the question is how does a dishwasher work?

  1. Basically, almost all the dishwashers work by vigorously spraying hot water to the dishes. It uses liquid dish soap to clean up the dishes.
  2. But the utensils need to be arranged in a definite order. So that the water reaches the utensils evenly.
  3. After that, another round of water splash happens following the soap water step. Lastly, the utensils remain there until become dry.
  4. Although the mechanism isn’t that simple. Yes, we’re talking science. 

Here’s how the detailed mechanism of a dishwasher:

How Does A Dishwasher Work

If you don’t want to get bored with all the science, you should know only the simple steps of mechanism.

Let’s leave the science behind this smart appliance to the engineers, so here’s an easy demonstration on how it works—

  • Firstly, the machine adds up water to the water reservoir
  • Then the heating element heats up the warming water to around 130 F to 140 F
  • Meanwhile, you need to properly arrange the utensils that need cleaning
  • After heats the water gets, a round of primary splash starts with the hot water. The powerful splash cleans up all the residual foods left on the plate.
  • Then the detergent dispenser automatically opens up. You need to put some dish soap in that.
  • Another round of water splash starts, this time with the dish soap. The soapy water cleans up all the oil from the utensils.
  • After that, the last round of clean water splash is done to wipe out all the soap and first from the utensils.
  • Then the water is drained through the draining tube
  • Lastly, the dishwasher turns on the air dryer to dry off the utensils.

That’s the simplest way to explain how dishwasher works. But you do not have to know all this stuff to use this machine.

Just some simple steps are enough to run the machine for you. Thanks to read how does a dishwasher work and Learn how to use a dishwasher below—

how does a dishwasher work

How To Use A Dishwasher

Use your dishwashing machine by following the simple steps as per instruction below—

  • The first step is the scrap the foods from your utensils. Your plates should have any residual food left to it.
  • Then arrange the plates on the racks of the dishwasher. Make sure not to block the sprayers.
  • Open the soap dispenser and pour a sufficient amount of soap into it. Make sure to use dishwashing soap, not a liquid dish soap.
  • Press the buttons and set a timer for washing and rinsing the dishes. Generally, they have different options for rinse only, normal wash, light wash, heavy wash, etc. Click whichever way you would like to wash the dishes. In our opinion, plates and bowls give the best result on normal wash and do not forget to wash arm. But in case of pots and pans, the heavy wash is what you should intend for. Set the timer according to your convenience.
  • The last step of settings is the drying option. You should make sure to choose the right option to dry off your utensil. Because the wrong way can damage your dishes. Usually, there are heated dry or air dry options in the machine.
  • Use the air dry option for the plates and bowls. And use the heated dry option for pots and pans. Now you’re all set to go. Start the dishwasher and have some leisure time yourself.

Parts of a Dishwasher

Before getting into the mechanism, we should know all the parts of a dishwasher. As you all know, there are two sizes of a dishwasher, one is the counter dishwasher and another one is the portable dishwasher.

Both of them has the same parts, only their drainage system and water source are different. As the first one is fixed with the counter, it has a built in water source and drainage system.

On the other hand, portable ones have external water input and output options. Most of the time they have a water reservoir to draw in the water.

Other than the water source and drainage system, a dishwasher also has some essential parts.

Here’s a list of all the parts of a dishwasher:

  • Main tub
  • Upper rack & rack support
  • Wash impeller (Also known as pump impeller)
  • Spray tube
  • Macerator (The blade like part that disposes soft food)
  • Drain impeller (It pushes away the water to the draining tube)
  • Heating element at the bottom
  • Floating bulb and switch
  • Lower rack
  • Spray Tower
  • Inner Door Panel
  • Rinse Aid Dispenser
  • Detergent Dispenser
  • Control Panel, etc.

All of these parts together contribute to make this incredible machine work. Not that every dishwasher has all these parts, some of them even have some extra parts. 

In Conclusion

So that’s how does a dishwasher work – you can operate a dishwasher in your kitchen. Smartness doesn’t come with the machines, it comes on how you use it. So act smart and use your dishwasher properly to skip the boring dish washing hassle after cooking. Happy cooking!

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