What Are The Disadvantages Of Air Fryer? Our Opinion

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An air fryer is like a magic spell for all the healthy eaters out there. Guilt-free deep fried foods? We’re all on board! But air fryer does have some disadvantages that we don’t look forward to. Let’s shed some light on the disadvantages of air fryer before you decide to buy one.

We all are pretty obsessed with air fryer from the day this appliance came to market. Most of us already have it in our kitchen, using it almost every day.

Eating deep-fried food with only a little amount of oil surely feels like a magic spell. Then what’s wrong with an air fryer? You’re about to find out-

Disadvantages Of Air Fryer

Like any other appliances, the air fryer is not as perfect as it seems. It obviously has certain limitations and side effects as a kitchen appliance. But that doesn’t make it absolutely useless.

We’re using an air fryer for quite a long time we must say we’re pretty happy with it. But some drawbacks make us feel this appliance could do far better.

Let’s cut to the chase and go straight into the points that we feel like a drawback—

Low Capacity

The first thing that really bummed us out is its low capacity. The manufacturers should really think about making a jumbo size air fryer. Because even the largest air fryer doesn’t have enough space to accommodate food for a small family.

You will have to do multiple batches for the right amount of food, which is pretty annoying. And the long time it takes each batch will kill your appetite instead.

Other than accommodating only a little amount of food, the small space inside makes it really hard to clean from inside. You can’t reach the corners properly to clean it.

Another issue about capacity arises when you’re frying oily food and the oil starts to spill out of the air fryer. That means it can not hold a large amount of residue oil inside it, which makes it actually unusable whenever your crisping up a large batch of bacon or pancetta.

If you are a single person or have to make meals for only two or three people, the largest (GoWise Air Fryer is the largest that we have seen so far) air fryer will work to meet your cravings for fried food.

This might seem huge, but you have to keep a decent amount of space in order to fry it evenly. So you can actually put only a small amount of food.

Takes Up A Huge Amount Of Kitchen Space

A large air fryer gives rise to another problem that some of you have already faced, the space issue.  As an air fryer is a countertop appliance, you have to keep it on your counter as you use it.

This takes a huge amount of space on your countertop and thereby crowds your kitchen. You should not choose to buy a large air fryer if you have a small kitchen, again you can’t buy a small one due to low capacity issues.

We must say it’s like a two-edged sword, you have to sacrifice one thing to obtain another facility.

Longer Cooking Time

Those who already own an air fryer, surely knows air fryers take literally forever to finish the cooking. A batch of French fries takes more than 20 minutes to cook, which is actually pretty disappointing and fretting.

You can cook a batch of frozen fry in less than 7-8 minutes, so it’s clear to which direction the impatient people will go. In some cases, an air fryer takes a lot more time than an oven.

For example, you will have to air fry your chicken for at least 90 minutes, which is pretty devastating knowing a deep fry would take only 30. Or an oven would take an hour or 70 minutes to finish the cooking.

It not only takes a longer time to cook but also takes a long time to warm up your foods too. You have to give your air fryer at least ten minutes to reheat your lunch while a microwave will do that for you in just 30 seconds.

You’ll definitely know you’re air fryer is killing your time when you’ll find out you have to do multiple batches and that will take a longer time than an oven. Although a plus point of owning an air fryer is actually the convenience of not having to keep an eye on your food.

Also, it cooks more evenly than any other medium even though it takes a long time to finish cooking. If you are okay with waiting a long time for the perfect guilt-free food, an air fryer will certainly get a vote from you.

Dried Out Food

Although an air fryer is famous for its oil free cooking skill, its strong point sometimes becomes the weakest. As a continuous air circulation blows around the food, it tends to dry the food out. You may think it’s not a big deal. Well, it is sometimes.

Oil free food will obviously feel a little dryer than usual, but the extent of drying out the food is unbelievable. While you’re cooking a chicken, an air fryer kind of makes the exterior rock solid due to continuous air flow.

Although you will be able to fix the problem once you get accustomed to it. Because you’ll know exactly when your air fryer is going to deliver the perfect chicken. You can also avoid this problem by spraying more oil on the food surface so that it doesn’t dry out quickly.

Spray oil over your food once every five to ten minutes if you want to have a juicy chicken roast on your table. The sprayed oil will prevent drying out and ensure a proper crispy exterior that you are looking for.

You can toss the food every once in a while to avoid drying out on the upper surface. Rather let it cook more evenly.

Burning Foods

Another incident is pretty common in using an air fryer and that is your food burning up. Just like the previous point, the heated air flow dries out the exterior and sometimes burn it. An air fryer works on a very high heat which increases the chances of burning the heat.

Another reason for the burnt food is actually the long cooking time the appliance requires. We already mentioned that an air fryer takes a huge amount of time to ensure evenly cooked inside.

This creates a problem in some air fryers and results in a burnt or overcooked exterior of the food which no one looks forward to.

Production Of Carcinogenic Compound

This seems a little serious and it’s true. An air fryer can cause you cancer. But how? Not that its mechanism does the harm. But it has a role.

As we know how an air fryer triggers the production of burnt food, the burnt exterior of any meat develops Acryl Amide.

Acryl Amide is a dangerous carcinogenic element that you can also find in BBQ meat or kebabs. This chemical compound triggers certain carcinogenic diseases like colon cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

But an air fryer isn’t the main culprit, you can easily avoid it by setting a certain cooking time. This will save you from burning your food and also won’t produce the carcinogenic agent that we were talking about.

Expensive Price Range

You already know how expensive an air fryer is. It’s kind of a fancy appliance when it comes to consider the price range. A good quality air fryer can cost you as much as 500 dollar that is higher than even a bunch of best smart refrigerator.

Anyways, there are cheaper alternatives to them and you can easily find them online. But the question is, are the up to the mark? A good quality air fryer is worth every penny if you can use it properly and snatch the best deal.

If you are looking for a cheap but good quality air fryer, you can definitely check out our review on the best smart air fryers, where we compiled some top-notch air fryers within your budget. Also, they offer smart features too.

Electricity Bill

Since an air fryer takes a lot of time to cook, it spikes up the electricity bill too. Air fryer operates on a very high heat and also takes a long time, which makes it more costly than a stovetop oven.

Being as high maintenance as it is, you should really think of an alternative if you’re not okay with your air fryer spiking up your bills.

Should We Buy Air Fryer?

After pointing out so many disadvantages, it’s quite tough to give a verdict. But from real life experience, we actually enjoy cooking in an air fryer and it’s quite fun.

It surely takes a long time to cook or costs more electricity, but in return, we are getting an oil-free guilt-free plate of deep fried food!

You can avoid these disadvantages by being just a bit more strict on the cooking time and a few extra steps. For example, spray oil over the food every once in a while, or you can even toss the food every once in a while.

Try to cook the food at a lower temperature and start checking on the food when it’s nearly done. Our verdict is, yes, you definitely should buy an air fryer despite all these disadvantages.

You can skip them easily with these previously mentioned, so why sacrifice your guilt-free journey to fried foods? So follow some extra steps and find yourself in the world of oil free foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no scientific evidence for an air fryer directly causing cancer. It doesn’t involve any carcinogenic adulteration except for producing acryl amide if the appliance burns any meat.

Not really, air fryer works just like a toaster oven, only with high air flow. There has been no scientific study that proves an air fryer producing toxic or harmful element in the food.

Air fryers don’t produce any toxic chemical elements that actually harm any human individual. Some people think that air fryer produce Acryl Amide in meats, which is not really air fryers fault and this compound is very rarely produced in meats.

An air fryer does not produce any carcinogenic elements. Therefore it doesn’t cause cancer. But you should really make sure to check if every plastic element of the fryer is totally BPA free.

Air fryer doesn’t work by producing any sort of radiation. It just works by producing hot air which cooks the food.

So there you go, some notable disadvantages of air fryer that we have experienced. Despite these drawbacks, we still love the result by our appliances. Therefore, you should really think of buying an air fryer if you don’t have one yet.

If you have any questions about our posts, please leave the questions down the comment section. We will be more than happy to reply. Happy cooking!

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