Chinese Food Most Popular in Take-Away

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Chinese food is the centerpiece of world cuisine. Everyone loves the different variants of flavors and taste in Chinese cooking. Hence the Chinese restaurants and take away shops have got pretty big everywhere.

These foods are indeed perfect for some game play nights or casual hangouts. Also, it is quite fun to eat your meals with chopsticks. So it became a frequent choice of food whenever we think of Taking Away Foods.

7 Most Popular Chinese Food In Take-Away

It is quite hard to select the best ones among such a wide variety. Because each of them is equally delicious and mind-blowing.

However, some of the items are immensely popular and ordered more frequently than others. So here goes a list of 5 best-selling Chinese food to order from any takeaway joints—

1. Pot Stickers: Perfect Chinese food appetizer

Potstickers are the Chinese version of dumplings, which is one of the most popular dishes ever. It is the ultimate flavor bomb that is super drooling and also incredibly yummy. Traditionally made with pork meat, it is incredible with any filling, even with tofu.

Kung Pao Chicken is also a famous Chinese takeaway dish all over the world.

Chinese Food

Particularly in the US or other western countries, Kung Pao Chicken is a fan favorite Chinese food. Usage of plenty of chilies and traditional Chinese spices has made this dish amazingly exotic for its super spicy and different flavors.

2. Kung Pao Chicken: Spicy & Salty Chinese Dish

Kung Pao Chicken is also a popular Chinese takeaway dish all over the world. Particularly in the US or other western countries, Kung Pao Chicken is a fan favorite food.

Usage of plenty of chilies and traditional Chinese spices has made this dish amazingly exotic for its super spicy and different flavors.

Besides, sauces like soy sauce and various other sauces make it more tasty and delicious. It tastes fantastic on its own, but a side dish of plain white rice perfectly complements the dish. So, keep Kung Pao Chicken in mind whenever you are ordering from Chinese takeaway joints.

3. Orange Chicken: The Sweetheart Of Takeaway Chinese Food

No one tasted orange chicken and did not love it. This particular Chinese food is so popular that it is one of the best selling items in any Chinese takeaway joints. Crispy batter-coated chicken fries coated with sweet and spicy orange flavored sauce tastes incredibly delicious.

The chicken is coated with sauce but still does not get soggy.

Chinese Food

This amazingly light dish is perfect on its own. But you can try this with some chowmein. It is ideal for any time you crave for Chinese food. That is why it can be a perfect choice if you struggle to choose from different Chinese cuisines.

4. Beef With Broccoli: Perfect For Binge Eating

Beef with broccoli is another Chinese favorite at any Chinese restaurant. Tender and flavorful pieces of meat with perfectly cooked crunchy broccoli in a soy sauce gravy tastes super awesome. This dish is also a fan favorite like an orange chicken with recurring orders at any Chinese takeaway joints.

Besides, the use of plenty amount of green vegetables like broccoli makes it healthy and light.

So this dish is also great for you for binge eating while watching tv. This dish tastes delicious with some steamed white rice or even some chow mein. So do try this dish at home and experience the authentic Chinese flavors.

5. Chow Mein: Another Iconic Chinese Food

This is the most popular Chinese food with so many versions at different corners of the world. This noodles dish is stir-fried with so many condiments that it becomes a complete meal for you.

With lots of vegetables and meats, this dish has a jam-packed flavor of Chinese spices and sauces.

Also, it is a brilliant side dish for many foods like Kung Pao Chicken or Sichuan Chicken. If you are bored with eating pasta or spaghetti, Chow Mein is an amazing alternative to them. So try out this dish to cut down the boredom of your everyday dinner.

6. Peking Duck: The Landmark Chinese Dish

Peking duck is the ultimate national Chinese dish that everyone should try once in their lifetime. The complex flavor and richness of the duck meat put together a luscious burst of umami in your mouth. Although served with thin Chinese pancakes, this flavor bomb goes nicely with Chinese steamed buns.

In spite of being such popular, Peking duck is not common in Chinese restaurants in the US.

Even if it’s available, most of the time it misses the richness and the perfect flavor balance it should have. The national Chinese dish can be enjoyed the best in china. So why not give a tour to your favorite Chinese city & try Peking Duck?

Marinated with delicate sauces, the duck is then steamed and baked to perfection. Lastly, the duck is fried to the perfect golden brown color and served. This awesome duck preparation is truly the most exotic representation of Chinese food. So you should not miss this finger licking duck dish if you happen to see it on the menu.

7. Sweet And Sour Chicken

This one is pretty common in Chinese take away joints. Everyone has certainly tried this dish at least once with some fried rice or chow mein. This dish has a mellow flavor that will make you fall in love with this dish.

Although the traditional version has a rather complex flavor, the simpler version certainly takes a ballot for a mild, hearty flavor.

The alluring red color from tomato ketchup, the sour taste from white vinegar & the sweet taste from sugar put together a pretty tasty flavor in chicken & vegetables.

Other than its taste, this dish is also a winner for being healthy. Uses of healthy vegetables like bell peppers, carrots make it perfect for binge eating. So whenever you’re feeling down and want to grab a bite, this Chinese dish should be your number one choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire Chinese cuisine possesses only a minor portion of fried or greasy foods. Usage of fresh vegetables & cooking methods like steaming, boiling, stir frying makes Chinese cuisine a lot healthier than any other cuisine.

Well, most of the Chinese ingredients may not be halal. However, you can find halal Chinese ingredients at the grocery stores.

You can opt for the healthy options by choosing the items that have vegetables in it. Also, you can request your takeaway store to avoid unhealthy ingredients to make your food lighter.

Peking duck is considered the national food of China.

Chow fun is basically stir fried rice noodles served with condiments. This dish is popular across south east Asian countries like Singapore, China, Vietnam etc.

In Conclusion

So, these Chinese foods are must-try to fulfill your Chinese food cravings. If you are struggling to choose Chinese food items, consider these 7 dishes.

They will be perfect for you no matter what your mood is. Let us know what your favorite Chinese dish is. Until then, Enjoy!

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