Blender Recipes: Top 5 Healthy and Easy Recipes

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Summertime and the living are easy. Fish are jumping, and the trees are all stooped, bearing the extraordinary grace of nature. Sharpen the knives, the dangling delights are calling. Bowl, buckets, pressers and robes. It is about to get messy. From pealing to slicing and dicing is the invitation of the season. Taste in every salacious drop and nobody wants to waste. It’s open season for blender recipes.

All the mashing and dishing will leave behind some stains and plenty of dirty dishes. If only life would be more comfortable.

And yet, it is. The wide range of juicers and blenders are the appliance to get your job done like a professional. They are easy to use and easy to clean.

And, in not long, you can have the bottles topped up with all you slushy delight and stored in the refrigerator.

There isn’t any rest for the wicked as the heat scorches and parches. Whether you are at home or work, a healthy drink can revitalize and rejoice your taste buds.

Kids return home with their water pots full. Juice or a tasty smoothie is a better way to make sure the kids stay hydrated and nourished.

The children go in for the sweets. Having blender recipes at home help to make it all simple and elegant.

All about Blender & Blender Recipes

Typically the transparent jug over the machines with sharp and edgy blades inside is the blender in the kitchen. Let’s get to know how to educate ourselves a little more on blenders and blender recipes, shall we?

The Upper Portion

We can halve the thing as the one comes off the other. The upper part is the jug; that is where the mayhem goes on, and the lower portion is the machine or the rotter, which moves the blades at your command.

The jug is the container shaped like a jug for the convenience of pouring into glasses. Commonly, these jugs are transparent so that you can probe the state of the blend.

There is a scale imprinted over the side of the jar. It has a robust lid, which is a vital safety component.

Above and in the middle of the cover, there is a hole with a cap like a mug. Through this gap, water can be added using the measuring cup. There is a handle that helps you hold and detach.

The Lower Portion

The lower portion is mechanical sorcery. There are wires and circuits and a tail that you plug in to get the power is on.

The casing is made of plastic or alloy, depending on the type you buy. What is over it is what you need to know unless you have an obsessed engineer in you.

Almost all blenders have a manual system, meaning you can regulate the intensity and velocity of the blades.

Also, in some models, there are a variety of maneuvers and commands in the switches. Press ‘Chop’ and the blades move fast enough only to chop the veggies.

Press ‘Liquefy’ and the blades launch the twister inside. Among other options, you can get a puree, ice crush, smoothie and various other options.

Finally, there is the stop button that kills the motor. Oh, and the display with a clock on.

The Blades

Now we come to the most vital aspect. The meeting of the two. This is why there hadn’t been any talk of the blades so far.

The blade of a blender is like an asymmetrical flower. This blade is hinged inside the jug. When you place to set the jar, the blades sit over the rotating rod, which is connected with the motor inside. 

And surround the lower edge, there is a gasket preventing the food from dropping into the machine.

Blender Recipes

How To Use Cooking Blender?

It would be polite to say it is easy if you know what I mean. Take your blender and place it in the kitchen in a safe, dry place where you have enough room on the countertop.

Make sure it’s clean and ready to use. Check if the blades are on and have all the things you need near you. Then follow the impossible, complicated steps below:

  • First, plug it in and wait till you see it turn on
  • Open the lid and pour in the goods; the ice, coffee, sugar and milk and all
  • Place the jug in the correct order and ensure it’s locked (if you detached it)
  • Put back the top and secure it
  • Press start and let the conundrum pass
  • Press stop and serve 

Safety and Security Tips

Pretty sure, you have seen in many horror films where the victim’s hand is shoved into the blender. Nowadays, there are action heroes who can kill a gang with a spoon. Good food is for good health and an enjoyable life.

Sharp tools require caution. Formally speaking, there are some safety essentials that you must always follow while using a blender recipes.

  • Keep the blades clean
  • Always check if the lid is closed right before turning the blender on
  • Double-check the joint and lock between the jar and the machine
  • Do not clean the machine with water
  • Pull the plug before you put your hand inside
  • Replace dulled blades

Made Food Item with Blender Recipes

Cooking is an art indeed, but you don’t need to be an artist to be able to cook. How obsessed are you with your food. When they taste good, we gnaw through it. Taste is an evolutionary trait. We had evolved by our skills at the kitchen counters.

Why Should Rely on Kitchen Blender

Blender recipes have a specialty in a particular kind of process when it comes to cooking. You know what it means even if you have used it once before. It is a machine that will break it all down and combine it with liquids and pastes.

As a result, some dishes that need such maneuvers are made best with a blender recipes and a blender alone. I mean, you can try and make a smoothie with hand. But you don’t want to. That is for obvious reasons.

Who is kidding, I don’t think it’s even possible to be able to prepare smoothies by hand unless I’m flash from dc comics of quicksilver from the other more luxurious franchise. I wonder if wolverine can’t beat him at it.

Beautiful Aspect of Good Blender Recipes

One other beautiful aspect of any good blender recipes is the ice breaking. Drinks that everyone enjoys cold become appreciated by this fantastic feature of almost any excellent and durable mixer in the market today.

And that would be icebreaking. Cold coffee or smoothies are often served cold. Making tasty cocktails in the blender recipes also needs the break the ice.

It’s ugly and overly simple. When you are making such a drink, all you need is to add ice in exchange for water or use them both together.

While the blender recipes is in action, there will be the sound that the titanic made when it hit the berg. This the alloy blades going through the rough the hard ice.

Top 5 Healthy and Easy Blender Recipes

On most blenders, the blender recipes options are there written on the menu: puree, smoothie, shakes, juices. Well, of course, these are the stuff that blender recipes specialize in giving you the right quality and proper satisfaction. So how about we get to learn some of the recipes here and now:

1. How To Make a Puree With Blender Recipes

It is making a puree in what the blender recipes are born to do. The puree isn’t itself. It is instead an enhancer that catalyzes the food and giving it the right flavor and taste. Thinks about all sorts of added materials that do well as pastes.

Onion, garlic, ginger, such spices do their best when they are such paste forms. It helps them to easily be diluted with the dish in the making to add the flavors.

This blender recipes are strenuous, and you have ever manually made these such purees by hand, then you know hardship in life and your life was full of the effort of making purees for the sheer time they would take to be ready.

It becomes effortless and less of a chafing duration and completely relieves you from that head labor.

2. How To Make Tomato Puree In The Blender

 You are going to need your tomatoes ready if you want to make tomato sauce or tomato soup. Tomato purees are the best form and essential ingredients that you are going to need for them.

Tomato purees can also be used to be added to rice dishes and seafood.  Besides, the color that it brings to the dish is mouthwatering and testation. So, buy your lot of tomato fresh red and ripe.

“Plum or Roma Tomatoes” is the top of the class when it comes to making tomato puree because they are grown with the intent of preservations. These tomatoes have fewer water particles in them, making them drier than the orthodox. The puree, ergo, is thick and rich

All you need to do is to peel the skin and pour it in the blender for a go. The soft flesh of the fruit does not even require to be cut in pieces. You can add sugar if you want it to taste sweet.

Within minutes you have your puree of fresh red blend ready to be sealed in zip lock bags and stored in the refrigerator. Tomato puree can generally be kept in the fridge for a week or ten days to uphill round the month in the freezer.

Pumpkin Puree

They are made the same way as Tomato puree or any other. They might require you to add a little amount of water with the slices in the blender recipes because, in mass, they contain less water than tomatoes.

You can add your proffered amount of salt or sugar if you want. Seal the blended mix before you put it in the fridge. Keep in mind that, if you have added more water to lighten it, then you should not keep it for long.

3. How To Make Barbeque Sauce In A Blender

Homemade Barbeque sauce is the real deal than the bottled up branded ones. You can never get the flavor so rich and titillating as you can from the homemade one than the ones available to buy.

They are easy to make at home too.  It is very popular with users of ‘ceramic’ type smokers and grills. So, if you are preparing to get the restaurant doing some business, gather the following ingredients to make the sauce first:

  • Brown sugar
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Dry mustard
  • Paprika
  • Black pepper
  • Hot pepper sauce
  • Salt and
  • Water

First, pour in one ad a half a cup of brown sugar followed by one and a half cup of ketchup and half a cup of red wine vinegar. This is the proportion that you have to get right.

This ratio should be raised relatively in case of producing more than thirty-two ounces of the final sauce. Add half a cup of water in it before setting it into the blender at low speed.

Start adding the rest of the ingredient followed by; two and a half tablespoon of dry mustard, two teaspoon paprika, two teaspoon salt one and a half teaspoon of black pepper and add two dashes of hot pepper sauce.

Set the blender for high speed and blend for three to five minutes. Pour it in a container and store it in the fridge.

4. How To Make Mayonnaise With A Blender Recipes

 Mayonnaise is the most popular coat for bread worldwide after jam. Put them together, and it gets even tastier. There is plenty of branded Mayonnaise in the stores, but one of them will be nearly as good as some you can make at home in less than five minutes.

Or maybe six minutes. It depends on how fast you can make it if you get what I mean. The ingredients you need are relatively natural to understand. They are:

  • Egg Yolks
  • Groundnut oil
  • Mustard
  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Firstly, take three egg yolks in the blender mixer. Add one tablespoon of mustard, and start the blender at low speed. Now start pouring the oil slowly through the hole on the lid.

Don’t drop it instantly in one go. Be gentle and slow. Add around 300 million-liters of it in the mix. Open the lid when all the oil is it. Add salt and pepper and squeeze in half a lemon extract.

Now increase the speed to the highest and mix it for another 30 seconds. Turn off the blender and pour the thick white yummy Mayonnaise in the container and store it in the fridge.

5. How To Make Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie?

You are most definitely not into a modelling carrier if you love your cup full of chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Smoothie does not get a more popular flavor than this in any part of the world. Come on. Its chocolate and peanut butter.

It’s like that Michelangelo painting where man nearly touched god. In case, the god of Mayonnaise is. It is rather easy and straightforward to make. Besides, it makes a creamy dessert you can serve and store in the fridge. The ingredients you will need for are:

  • One frozen Banana
  • A cup of milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Honey or Maple syrup

Peel off the Banana and break it in half or four chunks. If you don’t want to use bananas, you can substitute it with half a cup of Greek yogurt, a tablespoon of sweetener and a handful of ice cubes in the mix. Or four pieces.

Take your preferred milk.  Almond milk is the richest in flavor to add, but soy milk or cow milk does as good as well.

Vegans may prefer plant-based yogurt and milk. Drop the chunks in the blender and pour in the milk. If you’re not using nut oil, add a tablespoon of peanut butter. We wouldn’t recommend it if you are using nut milk. Then add three teaspoons of cocoa powder.

It’s better to use the unsweetened one and add sweeteners; then, you can use the maple syrup or honey for the next ingredient in the mix for the sweetness and, along with it, add some flavor.

The mix is ready for blending into a mug full of first-class chocolate smoothie. Blend the mix and serve with ice

Buying The New Blender

Enter the super-mart doors and options will leave you guessing and planning a different life in every aisle. Therefore, do your homework before you make you’re at the store.

Congratulations, you are here. So this means you have done something right. Here are some criteria to emphasize over:


Capacity is the score for blenders. Some blenders offer various size sets for the convenience of preparing puree, batter or dough. So the difference in sizes matters for how and how much you need.


Of course, that tag has to make sense. Compare every aspect; the metal or alloy body, good blades, the sound and robustness if you can get a better blender for a better price. Don’t listen to me.


At about 200 watts, the blender goes to work. It can climb higher than 1000 watts. To give you a clear idea, blenders with 300 to 500 watts are just as capable of crushing ice and making smooth purees as the large and pricy ones.

The more it is in terms of watts, the louder the noise it makes. There are now blenders available in the market that makes no noise at all. These blenders are almost magical, considering the technology put to use in it.

It’s not the vacuum jar, it’s the motor and the machine that is designed, and the body is so much sealed in and out that no sounds emit into the ear.

There are blenders available in which you can have different types of jars and blades that help you make from soup to dough as well. Imagine the sheer lengths of time that can be saved with the variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you know your juice, you know the difference between a juicer and a blender. Juicers do a clean job. It squeezes out the sap leaving out all fiber content.

Ergo, the drink is lite and slick. On the contrary, blender recipes are the brawl bunch. Everything you put in it will be one. Yeah, Blender recipes blend. It will mash and obliterate the substance with the water in it. That is how you can make smoothies.

The juicers have the sieving technology; all the substance, the seeds and pulp shells and every other thing that you don’t want is separated from the liquid and then poured down the line, unlike the blender recipe that doesn’t care.

It smashes and blends everything no matter what you put in it. It is it. Just for that, the machines look very different from each other. Ergo, no milkshakes from a juicer.

Around 3-4 months but this number is hypothetical. Blades can withstand for more significant periods depending on how frequently you use them. You don’t need to change the blades every quarter of a year if you don’t use the blender recipe nearly every single day. If you are using it only seasonally, in that case, you should use a new blade every season.

Don’t do the first thing that pops in the head. You can tell that by the usage. When the blades are blunt, the machine will struggle. That means it will require more force to twist the blades. When this happens, check the edge of the blades. Inspect the sharpness and order the new set, if the sharpness is tip top. Then the problem is the machine.

In Conclusion

So these are some of our favorite condiment recipes you can make it by just using a blender. Do follow these recipes at home and stop buying the processed ones to enjoy the real taste of the homemade organic condiments. Which condiment are you making at home today? Let us know. Happy cooking!

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