Best Coffee Maker Reviews For 2022

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There are very few people in this world who doesn’t love coffee. We can not resist a cup of coffee after a long working day, at hangouts, or in breakfast. Coffee soothes our mind and gives a barista quality coffee time to ourselves. But making coffee is a hassle for everyone. Nobody wants to make coffee after a tiring day or in sleepy eyes. Read our full Article about best coffee maker reviews to eradicate all the hassles to satisfy our caffeine addiction.

1. Cuisinart DCC-3200, 14 Cup Coffee Maker 

Cuisinart continues impressing us with their amazing small kitchen appliances. The Cuisinart PerfectTemp Coffee Maker is another incredible product on the list. Excellent design with multiple color options and efficient function make this coffee maker a truly suitable one.

Self-cleaning design and large capacity can provide you with up to 14 cups of coffee. Glass carafe and easy to view water window help to determine the perfect brew and amount.

The best part of this coffee maker is, it features almost everything a coffee maker can offer. From program settings to auto shut off technology make this coffee maker one of the best in the market.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 Review

You can program your coffee up to 24 hours prior so that you can get the perfectly brewed hot coffee to enjoy whenever you want. The backlit LCD is easy to read and comes with an indicator light to give you the signal to notify when the coffee is ready.

This coffee maker has a brew-strength control option, which allows you to set the preferred type of brew. On the other hand, this coffee maker also has a Brew Pause ™ feature. So, you can enjoy a cup of your coffee even before it completes the brewing time cycle.

Gold-Tone Coffee filter and Charcoal water filter make it indeed exceptional. Also, while it has the induction heating plate to keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours, this coffee maker has an auto shut off technology to prevent burning your coffee. Following is a brief look at this coffee maker:


  • Auto-cleaning technology gives you the utmost comfort to wash it. 
  • Beautiful design  
  • Programmable setting up to 24 hours beforehand 
  • Auto shut off technology prevents burning or over brewing your coffee
  • Brew strength control for your favorite brew, either regular or bold 
  • Gold-tone coffee filter and charcoal water filter for a more accurate flavor profile. 
  • Brew Pause ™ technology to satisfy your thirst even before finishing the brewing process. 
  • Keep warm setting for consistently hot coffee for up to 24 hours. 


  • Poor full carafes design, the pouring spout is not fully efficient, making it difficult to pour the coffee 

In our opinion, the Cuisinart PerfectTemp Coffee Maker can be a truly excellent addition to your kitchen for such awesome features. The price range is also pretty reasonable, making it the best deal for electric drip coffee makers.

2. Hamilton Beach 2 Way Coffee Brewer 49980A

Our second choice is a super impressive coffee maker from Hamilton Beach which offers two-way service. You can get your coffee either in the glass carafe or as a single-serve brewers portion

Hamilton Beach 49980a Review

Super-sleek design with easy functions will help you make your coffee effortlessly. 12 cups glass carafe with an extra-large water reservoir with measurement markings surely fulfills your demand for a large amount of coffee.

On the other hand, standard brew size single-serve option can save you from washing the carafe every time you make coffee for yourself. Besides, mesh filter in brew steamer basket helps in better flavor profile and better taste.

This coffee maker is indeed a lifesaver for all of us for its fabulous performance. You can not only adjust your preferred brewing settings but also you can program your coffee brewing up to 24 hours prior.

This coffee maker has a brew strength selector, which provides you with your favorite type of coffee either regular or bold.

Also, the program settings come with a control panel and display, which has some hour and minute buttons to program the coffee brewing whenever you want. However, below are our thoughts on this coffee maker:


  • Two-way serve options 
  • Measurement marks help you measuring cup the right amount of coffee
  • Brewing options come handy for your preferred choice of brew. 
  • The separate single-serve option saves you from washing the carafe every time 
  • Easy to clean


  • Single-serve option does not support pre infusion-program settings 
  • Spills the coffee if you overfill it

This coffee maker is super awesome for this price range. Check the price to buy this coffee maker.

3. Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Ninja Kitchen is quite famous for their small kitchen appliance products like blenders, food processors, coffee makers, etc.  Their products are well capable of exerting solid performance in spite of a reasonable price range.

Their 12-Cup Smart Coffee Maker reviews is indeed one of the best in the market. Amazing design and efficient features are the keys to make this a top product.

Ninja ce201 Review

This smart coffee maker features custom brew technology which provides you with your favorite flavor of coffee either classic or rich.

Besides, its thermal flavor extraction makes sure the combination of consistent brew temperature control to deliver the most perfect brew. Also, the Mid-brew pause let you have the instant pleasure by pulling out the carafe and pouring yourself a cup of it.

In addition, it has a flavor straw feature that circulates coffee while brewing to ensure consistent flavor and even temperature. But the best part of this coffee maker is the Delay Brew feature, which makes this one a true smart coffee machine.

You can program your desired cup of coffee 24 hours prior.  The adjustable warming plate doesn’t let your coffee cool even without burning it.


  • Convenient design 
  • Adjustable brewing process 
  • Removable water reservoir doesn’t make a mess while filling it 
  • Auto shut off  
  • Makes small batches to even up to 12 cups 


  • Hard to clean

At this price range, this is indeed one of the best coffee maker reviews that you can buy. The Ninja Programmable Coffee Maker thus obtained a spot on the list.

Tea vs Coffee

Tea is also a popular caffeinated beverage just as coffee. People also love tea for its different flavor profiles. Several variations of tea like black tea, green tea, herbal tea, etc. are consumed by people all over the world.

Tea is a healthy drink because it contains caffeine like coffee. Also, it has different healthy components like antioxidants. Although, tea contains way less caffeine than coffee.

Coffee has a strong flavor where tea has a delicately mild flavor. So coffee is more energetic and has a stronger flavor profile. However, it’s quite up to you which one is your favorite, but both of them are great.

On the other hand, coffee has a delicate taste and also known for its different variations. Different preparations can result in different tasting coffees. There are several popular coffee preparations like French press, Drip, Espresso, Cold Brew, etc.

Every preparation has different flavors and liked by different people. Also, there are several recipes of coffees like Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Cold Coffee, etc.

However, the previously mentioned three coffee preparations are important to experience the true taste of fresh coffee at home. Let’s have a look on different preparations of coffee:

Different Types of Coffee Maker

French press, Espresso, and Drip are different preparations of authentic black coffee. You can try these preparations to experience the raw taste of the coffee. They have different making procedure with different flavor profiles. A brief description of each one is mentioned below:

What Kind of Coffee Is Used In A French Press

A French Press preparation requires a French press brewer. In which, you have to use a medium coarsely ground coffee beans. The French press does not have any filter. So it makes a deeper and richer flavor of the coffee. But it can not be made automatically hence there is no option for preset function.

What Is A Drip Coffee Maker

On the other hand, drip coffee has a filter coffee machines. So it’s open for preset coffee making function. It also requires coarsely ground beans. So it has a milder flavor. It remains on a warmer plate to get readymade hot coffee in front of you.

What Is An Espresso Coffee Maker

Contrariwise, an Espresso maker coffee machine requires finely ground coffee beans which creates a different flavor. However, it is not capable of producing a large amount of coffee at a time. Besides, it is not available for preset functions. But we often use the pumped espresso coffee as the base of different coffee recipes and we commonly mix it with milk froth.

How To Make Coffee

We love coffee but making coffee is quite a hard job. You have to be experienced and passionate enough to make a perfect cup of coffee. Only a few of us can do that. Instead, we opt for going to cafes to have coffee.

It is indeed expensive and also inconvenient to go to cafes every day. Also, we all feel lazy in the morning to wake up and it’s not always possible to save time to get a cup of coffee while going to work.

So, we can rely on something that can make us a perfect cup of coffee without much hassle. A coffee Maker is the best solution for all of your problems.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has been a popular beverage for quite a long time. Every day, a huge amount of coffee is consumed by people all over the world. It’s indeed the most famous beverage that can go with any occasion.

It’s awakening, activator characteristics can make us more efficient. On the other hand, it can relax our mind by soothing us from a long tiring day.

Coffee contains caffeine, an important ingredient to increase your activity and also makes us more lively. Besides, it is energetic to kill our tiredness. There are also a few beverages that contain caffeine like tea, colas, energy drinks, etc. However, tea is also a common caffeinated drink just as delicious coffee.

Benefits Of Coffee Maker

A Coffee Maker is an essential kitchen appliance that helps you to make the perfect coffee. All you have to do is put ground coffee bean to cup machines and water in the respective place, and it will do the rest of the work. Although, you have to maintain a specific ratio.

Making coffee in a coffee maker is still boring if you want some extra minutes of sleep or feel to tired to make it. How about automatically having your desired amount of coffee at just the right time? How would you feel if you find your coffee is waiting for you at morning properly brewed and warmed?

If the answer is positive for both of them, it’s time to opt for the best coffee maker reviews. Technology is now more advanced than ever.

Everything is getting a smart home touch of a button by technologies. Following that, programmable coffee makers are another great innovation to make your life easier.

What Is A Programmable Coffee Maker

The Programmable Coffee Makers are a blessing of the revolution of technology. You no longer have to wait for your coffee, rather your coffee will wait for you. Making coffee is now easier than ever.

You do not have to worry about making coffee in breakfast or entering into the kitchen just to have a cup of coffee after a long tiring day. Just set the timer for whenever you want your desired cup of coffee.

Other than that, some companies have smart coffee makers. With which, you can command your coffee maker to make coffee for you through your IOS and Android smartphone app.

Also, you can set a timer for the coffee maker to automatically make coffee at a definite time just like a smart coffee maker. So, you can find ready to have coffee warm and well brewed to perfection.

How Do Coffee Makers Work

The function of a coffee maker solely depends on the variant of it. Since most of the coffee makers are the drip variant, they require pre-ground coffee beans and water reservoir. The drips are collected to a carafe or cups, and kept warm with the warmer plate.

Smart coffee makers have timers to work as per your time. On the other hand, smart coffee makers usually works through the Wi-Fi or internet system.

There are some smart coffee makers that are connected with Alexa to receive the command. You can use mobile apps to give the command to your coffee maker so that it becomes app controlled.

Although, you have to deposit the ground coffee beans and water yourself. You even do not have to worry about the ratio. The coffee makers will measure the elements maintaining a perfect ratio.

The most important feature of smart coffee makers is, almost all the smart coffee makers are drip coffee makers. Drip coffee makers have a filter in it.

Hence, it has more control over the water, and suitable for the preset function. Also, it has a warmer plate underneath the appliance to make sure your coffee remains warm when you will want to have it.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

As we already mentioned, buying a coffee maker is like a gamble. You never know how your coffee maker is until you make a cup of coffee with it. But you can play safe with following a proper guideline to buy one. Here is our in-depth buying guide for buying a smart coffee maker:


The first and foremost point is obviously price. Because a coffee maker can cost you from 30 dollars to even 400 dollars depending on the brand. Price is indeed a big issue if you want to get a smart one. Because the cheap ones often do not deliver the greatest result as you expect.

If you are planning to buy the best coffee maker (Check Our Full Article About Best Coffee Maker Reviews), you should raise your budget a little bit to access the best deals. But you can still get a decent one if you get yours from a reputed brand.

Type Of Coffee Maker

The type of coffee maker is yet another important parameter. Clearly, drip, French press or espresso all are different types of coffee makers. They have different flavor profiles, tastes and most importantly, different methods to make.

Select the type of coffee you like the most. Then buy the coffee maker according to that. Different type of coffee maker has different types of cleaning methods. You should definitely keep that in mind.


It is another important point to discuss. The larger your machine is, the more cups of coffee you get. Calculate how many cups you & your family consume a day. Get a coffee maker according to that! But if you’re not into coffee that much, get a smaller version. Apparently, large coffee makers aren’t that efficient to make a single cup of coffee.

Another reason for considering the size is your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, it’s not wise to get a large one. It will take most of the space of your counter. The height and dimension should be as per your kitchen size.


You should definitely be aware of the design. Because cleaning a coffee maker isn’t a piece of cake. Besides, if you are planning to keep your coffee hot for a long time, you should opt for the ones with insulated containers.


The features should obviously be taken in mind before buying a coffee maker. Check what special features your coffee maker offers. Brew settings, timings, preset functions, etc should be considered before buying a coffee maker.

You should definitely look for custom brewing features if you have an unusual taste bud. Besides, you should check for the programmable functions if you’re getting a smart coffee maker. Check if the coffee makers have any special features that will make making coffee more effortless.

So, that’s everything you should consider before buying a coffee maker. But you can skip all the details and buy the ones you suggested. Because all of our products have been chosen considering your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly, no. It just fixes the time of brewing your coffee. So that you can get freshly brewed coffee right at your hand.

No. It may make the taste bitter if the coffee is overbrewed.

No, it only makes drip coffee

Cleaning your machine will depend on what type it is. Use some cleaning solution to clean it or you can check out our post on How to Clean a Coffee Maker for more details.

You can make coffee without a coffee maker pretty easily using instant coffee. Instant coffees make excellent cappuccino if you can make it properly.

The golden ratio for making the best coffee is one to two tbsp(s) of coffee with six ounces of water. It depends on how strong or mild taste you are expecting.

To make frothy coffee, you’ll need a milk frother. You can buy that online or go to the nearest appliance store.

It does. But using it for boiling water for a long time will boost the calcium buildup. The mineral build up affects the taste of your coffee.

Descaling agents or liquids can help you to remove calcium build up from your coffee machine.

You can use baking soda and water, or a descaling solution to clean your coffee maker. Also, lemon juice also works great as a substitute for vinegar.

In Conclusion

So that’s all for our top 3 best coffee maker reviews. This small yet life-saving appliance can indeed make our life easier. So grab one and make your kitchen more enriched and comfortable.

You will not be disappointed buying one according to our suggestions. If you have any questions regarding this, do not forget to ask us. Tell us which one you liked the most. Until then, happy brewing!

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