American Food: 5 American Delicacies That You Cannot Miss

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It is not quite surprising to know that America, particularly the USA has a mixed food culture coming from different parts of the world. Having a major influence from different countries of America, the US food culture has been endowed with their own versions of many foods which eventually got recognition as “American food”.

Top 5 American Food

American dishes also won the hearts of people all over the world. From street foods to fine dining restaurant dishes, these American foods are now everywhere.

Here are 5 American delicacies that you cannot miss to try out at least once in your life:

1. Mac n Cheese Bites : American Food

There are certainly very few people who haven’t heard of Mac n Cheese. Originating from England, this savory dish is indeed famous for its yummy taste & easy cooking procedure.

From street shops to fine dining restaurants, different versions of Mac n Cheese are conquering the world cuisine everywhere. This American delicacy is also widely popular in Canada and Europe.

American Food

Mac n Cheese is usually made with elbow-shaped pasta and a mix of different types of cheese. We can use different kind of cheeses like Sharp Cheddar or American Cheese in the preparation of this food.

Although now it has quite a few fancy versions with lobsters or crab which taste more delicious. So this is truly a dish to die for.

2. Corn Dog Batter

Corn Dog is also another famous American invention that we can find in almost everywhere. A sausage thickly coated with a cornmeal batter and deep-fried to a golden brown color made history in the American food culture. There are certainly no kids even adults that don’t love this finger food.

Stick in the sausage makes it really easy to eat.

Besides, the Corn Dog is quite cheap and easy to make. So this fast food has really a high demand as a go-to meal.

In spite of having different versions in other countries, the basic version still steals the limelight for one of the most popular fast food ever.

3. Southern Style Fried Chicken

The Southern Fried Chicken is also a popular American food having a hint from Scottish frying techniques and West African Seasoning,. First introduced in the American South, this finger-licking fast food has spread like mature pollen throughout the US.

Juicy and flavorful chicken coated with a crispy and spicy coating makes it super delicious

We can various recipes for this particular fried chicken recipe for example- buttermilk fried chicken, honey fried chicken, Nashville fried chicken, and whatnot.

Different types of marinades and coating mixture deliver more different fried chickens which are no less tasty than one another. This southern fried chicken is a must-try for you if you love fried chickens.

4. Apple Pie : Yummy American Food

You’re definitely not an American if you don’t love Apple pie. Apple pie is the ultimate sweet tooth fantasy for every American. The tender apple filling with the perfect golden crust, there is no better example of perfection!

If we do a “pie chart” on people’s favorite pies, the apple pie will take the lion’s share of that chart. 

Come on! Who would pick any other pies over some warm apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream? The hot and cold is the best combo ever!

I know your grandma has the best recipe for Apple pie, every grandmother has! This comfort American dessert is the perfect finishing to any family party, Christmas, Thanksgiving, you name it!

None of these are actually complete without an Apple pie. So pamper your grandma right now and let her teach you her recipe for the best apple pie ever!

Making an apple pie isn’t rocket science. But somehow not everyone cannot make the best Apple pie. The tartness of green apple and the sweetness of red apple is the deadliest combo for any apple pie.

Other than that, there are literally thousands of variations in a mere Apple pie. Put cinnamon, pumpkin spice, star anise, whatever you like. You can make your own unique version of an Apple pie that your future generation will be yearning for.

So you should not miss a chance to learn how to make an Apple pie. Do not forget to share your grandma’s secret recipe with us! We would love to make your favorite version of the Apple pie!

5. Beef Jerky : Delicious American Food

Whenever someone talks about beef jerky, it flashbacks us to the best game nights we had with our friends. Watching the final of NFL with a bowl of buffalo wings and beef jerky was indeed the best night ever.

Beef jerky has a special place in our hearts. That smoky, spicy flavor, tender pieces that bespatter your finger, Ah! Beef jerky is indeed the best finger food ever.

American Food

Not being an American food technically, Beef jerky managed to be the apple of the eye of most Americans. Every American has binge eaten beef jerky at least once their lives.

Some home cooks even attempt to make an even elevated version of beef jerky at home.

If you want to make your own beef jerky at home, the process is quite lengthy, but still worth it!

Take the lean parts of meat, slice it thinly, marinate it with your favorite sauces and then smoke it or bake it until the meat turns into a leathery state.

Although it takes so much time. So better to buy the readymade ones. Anyways, beef jerky is indeed the best food to have. So do not miss this awesome item on your next game nights with your pals.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no such official American food. However, apple pie or hamburgers are thought to be the national food of the US.

To be honest, American Foods, especially fast foods are super unhealthy. So it’s better to eat them within a limit

Apple pie, fried chicken, buffalo wings are pretty much the most popular foods of America. As for main dishes, Mac n Cheese and beef chili definitely have the spot.

There are countless halal options for American food. Go to the stores that are certified halal if you are Muslim.

Mac n Cheese is definitely rich in carbohydrate, protein and milk fat. However, it is good to eat Mac n Cheese in a smaller portion because it has literally tons of calories in it.

In Conclusion

These 5 American foods are indeed hearty and delicious to eat. Also, they are incredibly easy to make. So try out making these American food and enjoy. You will become a fan of these foods sooner than everyone else.

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